Friday, May 24, 2013

Week #3 Results and Sew Along Voting Begins!

Week Three for Project Sewn was to take inspiration from the 80's for an outfit.  And boy, howdy our designers once again took a tough theme in stride....and truly inspired us.  Their 80's icons, the fit, the  Thanks again ladies for another week of sewing goodness.

So, let's get to the results......we know that's why you are all here today ;)

This week our lovely winner was Jess with her Retro Huxtible look.  Congrats Jess!  Fantastic and oh, so modernly wearable 80's inspired look.  Love that jacket with the gold zippers.....awesome!  Can I borrow it?  Really fantastic work.

And this week we are saying goodbye to our good friend  Sew Caroline.  We had the opportunity to meet Caroline a month or so ago and in about 5 minutes we became fast friends.  She is genuinely one of the nicest bloggers on planet earth.  Thanks so much Caroline for joining us!!!!! 

Luckily Caroline is not leaving us empty-handed.  She will be receiving a gift certificate to Girl Charlee for all her hard work for Project Sewn.

(And there's even a coupon code for all of you too!!!!   They have wildly popular knits....go check them out!!!  Thanks Girl Charlee!)
And now it is time to vote for your sew-along choice this week for 80's inspirations!!!!  Click HERE to find the sew-along.....

Good luck and have a fantastic weekend....see you back here on Monday!


  1. Just wanted to let you know, Jess's link is broken. It should be (without the "the").

  2. We love Caroline's outfit. The skirt is so beautiful!