Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Choose an Icon: The Hepburns---Audrey & Katharine

Two of my favorite fashion icons are:
Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Contemporaries of each other both Audrey and Katharine had very defined styles that changed the fashion world.  While both women limited their style to simple shapes and solid color palettes they were very different from one another.
Audrey was chic and elegant, but also girlish and adorable in her iconic dresses and over sized sunglasses.
Katharine was also chic but powerful and rebellious sporting wide legged trousers and men's shirts in an era of skirts and dresses.
Both women were beautiful and their style flawless.  I look to both of them as examples of "less is more in design" as well as how to create a style that is authentic and genuine.
So the question of the day is this:
Which style do you tend to gravitate towards? 
Audrey's or Katharine's?
If it came down to a vote who's look would you pick?
(Or are you like me and love both of them too much to decide?)
Let us know.
(And look for other "Choose and Icon" posts sprinkled into our regular posts...I started with my two favorites but there are soooooo many more to cover!)


  1. Katherine's is rocking for every day! Audrey's is glorious for evening. Too much too much.

  2. think I would have to choose Audrey ... but then I agree with the first commenter!

  3. I lean more toward Audrey with the girlish, hopefully classy vibe but oddly enough that is achieved with a great wide leg trouser of Katharine's and a fun top. Funny how things change over the years.

  4. Love this question. In fact, I posed this very question when listing Liebster Award questions for some peeps.

    While I love both Audrey and Katharine, I definitely choose Audrey as my style icon. Her stylish cropped pants with little, love!

    Sue xo

  5. Definitely Audrey and her Givenchy dresses!

  6. I LOVE both these women. They are, by far, my favorites as well.
    I tend to be a little more Katherine, but dream of dressing like Audrey:)

  7. without a doubt audrey. I love girlish :)

  8. I am most assuredly Audrey. I often feel like a little girl doing my best to behave like an adult. That's the vibe I always get from Audrey.

  9. I'm definitely more of a Katherine, with the wider pants and men's shirt. I do like Audrey's chic though, although not the more "girlish" aspect of her style...

  10. I do like Audrey. I love her girlish and elegant style.

  11. I aspire to dress like Audrey but I am, at heart, really a Katherine...

  12. Katherine. I like the feminine power that she portrays through her clothes. ~Major Moma