Monday, August 26, 2013

Coffee Date Sew Along Winner....

Over the weekend we emailed some of our past Project Sewn contestants and asked them to weigh in on your Coffee Date Sew along looks.
(Which were all fantastic by the way!)
And after receiving their feedback the winner of our Coffee Date Sew Along is....
Congratulations Shannon!
For winning our sew along we will be sending her:

A bundle of neon cotton by Riley Blake

A pair of Gingher scissors!
Thank you so much to all of you who sewed along!  It is so fun to all be working on a project together.  We are definitely planning on doing more of these.
We can't wait for our next season to begin...not only are our contestants AWESOME but our themes are so much fun!  I'm totally sewing along...I already know what I am making for 2 of the challenges! 
(And yes, we will be revealing both the contestants and the themes soon...very stay tuned!)


  1. Wow,what an awesome honor. Thank You so much...This Was So Much Fun, Can't WaIt To Sew Along With The contestants...Sorry For All The Caps....MyPhoneIsCrazy! shannon

  2. Congratulations Shannon!
    That back is awesome.