Monday, August 12, 2013

The Coffee Date Dress Sew-Along Linky Party!!!!

The day has come to link up your Coffee Date Dresses!!!!

And please know that you still have time to sew one.  The pattern is free and there is no excuse not to make yourself a new dress this week (or next)!

The linky party will be open from today through Friday August 23rd (sorry I know I wrote the 25th in the last post but we need to have the judges have some deliberation time;)

We will announce the winner and the prize on Monday, August 26th.

We can't wait to see how your dresses have turned out!!!


  1. Just printed the pattern today! Let's see what comes from this! hehe

  2. Looking forward to this.

  3. I love the Selfish Seamstress...she hasn't been around much since that husband stole her away from us. Girls, I'm really going to try to sew this one if I have something suitable in the stash!

  4. Amy, we totally agree...we love her blog!!!

  5. I was so excited to see this- I have had the pattern just sitting, printed out for over a year! I actually did two looks for this- one dress and my peplum top I added above- am I allowed to add 2 links to the party? I guess after having the pattern sitting and waiting so long I decided to make the most of it and make two things while it was out :)

    1. I added a second link today. Oops. I didn't even check to see if that was okay. If it's not, I'll delete one. Love your top! Very very cute!

  6. So fun to see all of the different variations! I love seeing other people's ideas :)

  7. oh no! I made my dress last week but didn't plan for my post to be up til today - - since I've been out of town all week, I didn't realize the due date was bumped up. So anyways, here's my post if there's a way to sneak it in to the sew-along - -

    loved the pattern!

  8. Wow! Everyone did such an amazing job! These are all beautiful!

  9. It's a darling dress! i actually just like the colours.
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  10. I really like your new dress. I think this is my new suggested clothing too :) I wish I could have abilities like yours and I really like how you launched this on my birthday!!!! I really wish I could get one of your clothing I just really like them :)