Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Fashion Trend with Sophie from Cirque du Bebe

Today's fall trend preview comes from our great friend, Sophie from Cirque du Bebe......our Project Sewn season 1 winner.

Take it away Sophie.....

If you're heading into fall wherever you are in the world, you might be starting to nut out your cool weather sews. Unless you're super organized and sewed them all in summer? In which case I don't want to hear about it, having just left winter behind as of a few days ago, along with all the things I wished I had sewed and didn't. But if I had to pick a favorite season to sew for, fall is it. It's the perfect time to sew some cosy knits, have a crack at outerwear and play around with the color palette equivalent of a log fire. Here is a collection of some fun fall 'trends' with sewing patterns to match, or at least use as a base. Granted, a printed 'Bomber' jacket is not everybody's cup of tea but that's the best part about 'trends' can play it safe or as adventurous as you like.

The humble parka in the spotlight, who would've thought! When I first witness the parka doing the rounds as a 'trendy' item it was hard to move past the fairly strong association with daggy camping attire. Parka's are for climbing mountains and keeping off bush ticks, right? Not so, parkas are now for pairing with cute dresses and tights and ankle boots. Give them the fresh start they deserve... 
Pattern #1 Sewaholic Minoru

Put those judging eyes away! The 'Bomber' jacket is having a renaissance and this time it actually looks good. Pretty Bombers are the way forward. Play with lace, prints, neon or neoprene. You know you're tempted! 
Inspiration 'Bomber' // Somedays Lovin Botanic Bomber Jacket

A fall wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a little 'granny' style. Cardigans are a cool weather must, they go with everything, add layers and color and keep us cosy. But have you considered the over-sized variety? When in doubt, embrace the trend that embraces you...
Inspiration cardi // Mi Armario en Ruinas


  1. I remember wearing parkas when I was a kid ^_^ So australian Sophie! However I really do wish I had have made an awesome winter jacket of some description. Maybe I should learn to knit.

    Oh well, there's always next year!

    1. knitting takes waaaay too long! You should learn, but not for a cardi...maybe a beanie.

  2. LOVE the parkas! I think they're a constant of UK 'style' too (I'm thinking Manchester/Oasis for some reason?). Either way, as far as I'm concerned, bring 'em on! And thank you for the Style Arc link, I didn't know them and had been wondering if there were Minoru alternatives.

    But sorry, can't get into the bomber idea. I saw you'd pinned some the other day and thought then "oh god that's not back is it". Lo and behold in Zara two days later: a floral bomber. My heart sank. However, in about a year when everyone else is over it I will probably become reconciled to the idea and suddenly obsessively in love with them. That's how I roll.