Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Fashion Trend with Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch

Hello Everyone! I’m Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch and I was asked to step in today and give you my favorite fall trend. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year so this was easy. Yay! I’ve been seriously digging more androgynous styles lately, especially as concerns blazers. One trend – call it old or new – that my next blazer make will most definitely be including is elbow patches. I die every time I see well executed elbow patches. I love them so. Definitely not something that would be all that difficult to add to a project - be it shirt, sweater, jacket or coat - and you can make them up into just about any shape you really want. I’m a fan of the traditional oval shape. 

Sunni, the expert author at the blog A Fashionable Stitch is today's guest for our Fall Fashion Trend Series and we are thrilled to have her here today.  

Thanks Sunni for popping over today!

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Also, if you’re digging the elbow patch craze like me, here’s a few resources for you when looking for leather:
 Dritz just came back with some cowhide elbow patches that you can purchase from Joann or Hancock, or here if you don’t live near a chain store. 
  • Brettuns Village Leather sells leather of all kinds.
  • Marcy Tilton has some leather hides for sale that you could split with friends for elbow patches.
  • You can also use ultra suede (a little on the more expensive side).
  • Or think about cutting up thick old wool sweaters for elbow patches.
 What do you think about elbow patches? Happy fall trending everyone!



  1. Michael's also has a small leather section that you can buy pieces small enough to make leather patches.

  2. Oh I love the elbow patches on the sweaters!! I know what is going on my "to find" list!!

  3. I love this classic touch too. That does it, I'm adding to at least one project this fall!