Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet the Designer: Julia from Julia Bobbin

Today we are meeting Julia, from Julia Bobbin.......

I’m mother to one eight-month-old boy and a four-year-old sewing machine. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m a sewing addict.

Four years ago I turned on a sewing machine for the first time and my whole world changed. I originally took up sewing as I was fed up with clothes not fitting me properly, and I could never find in stores the clothes that I wanted to wear. What I didn’t expect is just how totally I would fall in love with sewing.

Sewing became a crazed passion that I could not get enough of. I would spend hours in fabric stores, daydreaming about what I would make next. I love both vintage and modern garments and my sewing tends to be a combination of both.

Sewing has not only provided me with a creative outlet but has educated me on what suits my body shape and helped me define my style.  I only wish I’d started sooner!

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