Friday, October 4, 2013

Little Black Dress Designer Winner! (And The Voting Opens for Our Sew Along Designs)

Happy Friday everyone!!!  We are so excited about this second season of Project Sewn and especially now that we have seen what each of our designers can do....wowza....they each did such an amazing job!

So, let's get to the results.....

After combining our reader's poll and the designer's scores for each other, our winner this week is Katy from No Big Dill and her Easily Ruffled look.  Congratulations Katy!

And sadly after combining all our scores, our friend Krista from Lazy Saturdays is leaving us this week.  We absolutely adore Krista and her style and we hope that you will all show her some blog love this week for her fantastic look!   You can see more of Krista's beautiful sewing HERE!
 (Really...head on over there and check out her work. She has mad sewing skills and serious we've heard that she's going to finish all her looks for this season and you don't want to miss seeing them!)
Luckily Krista is not leaving Project Sewn empty handed.  She will be receiving a $25 gift certificate from
A special thank you to for sponsoring this season of Project Sewn!!!  They really have a fabulous selection of fabrics--apparel, quilting and even specialty fabrics!!!!  If you are in need of any fabric needs, go see them...they will NOT disappoint.
Head HERE to vote...and we will have the results on Monday! 
 Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. I'm so glad Krista will still sew all the looks. I voted for her and really wanted to see more. =D

    1. Thank you for voting for me Magda! I'll definitely be posting the rest of my creations on my blog so you won't miss them :) They may be a few days behind the schedule here because now that I'm out, and have some extra time, I'm going to take a reallllly long nap ;)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Krista's blog and her fun and colourful style - sad to see her go :( Well done to all the contestants so far, all the looks were amazing.

  3. Beautiful sewing Krista! hope to see you when your nap is over
    Congratulations Katy, I loved your look because is so you, so Katy Dill. I admire your sewing more everyday and it´s great to see you competing again.
    Looking forward to your next challenge!!

  4. Congrats to Katy! All the dresses were great but I'm shocked Krista is out... Her dress was so adorable and well-made. I'm so bummed she is no longer in the competition... Her dress was my favorite! Is there a Tim Gunn Save???? :(

  5. I'm really sad and really surprised Krista is out! She's so talented!

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