Friday, October 11, 2013

The Era Challenge Winner (And Voting Begins for the Sew Along Group)

The Fashion Era challenge was so much fun to watch!!!
It was so interesting to see how all the different personalities of our designers came through in their styles.  Each look was so unique!
After the votes were tallied and the designers sent their scores in for each other the winner of this week's challenge is Adrianna from Crafterhours.

And sadly we have to say good bye to our dear friend Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair.
Aside from sewing garments Melissa is a bag maker extraordinaire...and a smocking wiz...and a quilter...and has the ability to make anything (and we mean anything) absolutely adorable!

We're sad to see her go but we're sending of with a $25 gift card to
And now all we have left to tell you is that voting is now open for the sew along group so head on over here:
and vote or your favorite!
(And we will see you back here Monday to kick off our graphic print challenge.)