Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time to Vote! The Signature Style Challenge

Crafterhours---Don't Change Your Stripes

I hope I'm not the only one that had the hardest time with the Signature Style week! I didn't know for sure what I would do for this week until about two weeks ago. Of course, a big part of that was not expecting to make it this far!! But mostly because it's just hard to nail down one outfit. I have lots of favorites in everything, and clothes are no exception. Finally I just decided to pick something from my "I want to sew this" sketchbook. It's kinda like a pinterest board, but analog :) I will say that the one thing about 99% of my clothes have in common is that they are fitted. But it's really hard to find sewing patterns that aren't billowy or rely on belts to cinch them in, so I don't sew for myself as often as I should. Making these 4 outfits that actually fit me has been so fun and challenging, and I never would've done it without the push from PS and the encouragement from you guys, so thanks a bazillion!


Moving on! I told my vespa-owning friend the theme of this week and she said, "So are you going to make something with navy and white stripes?" Doh, I guess so! But I also love color blocking. And a small (very small) bit of detail. Usually a pocket is enough for me. And I'm really a knits girl at heart, so in the end this shirt was kind of a no-brainer. I didn't realize just how perfect it was for me until it was done and I wore it for 3 days straight. Basically, you could graffiti my name on a shirt and it wouldn't scream ADRIANNA!! as much as this shirt.


The skirt, well, it's no showstopper. But that's how I roll. I like my clothes to be simple and multi-purpose and the handful of garments I own that are too elaborate or only match one thing never get worn. I wear denim or twill in varying colors every day of the week on the bottom half of my body, so this fit the bill. Also, for the past few months I've gone to my closet wanting to grab this skirt and it never exists, so it was time to make it happen! It's a stretch denim with my signature exposed metal zip, almost identical to my elephant skirt last week. I just really love this silhouette and how it has a pencil skirt look, isn't too long or too short, and is wide enough at the hem to take big strides in, just in case an overenthusiastic toddler decides to make a break for it in the grocery store. Which is always. OK, that's all from me! You can go see more pictures of this outfit and lots of other fun stuff at Crafterhours, we'd love to have you!

Julia Bobbin--A New Day
Julia Bobbin

Wow the final week! How exciting! When it comes to looks that define us, I have a bit of a split personality. The great part about being able to sew is that you get to experiment with all different types of looks, and I love many! I lean towards vintage, the 60's in particular with it's feminine silhouettes, but I'm also drawn to modern fashion with architectural shapes and lines. So which one do I choose?

Julia Bobbin

I decided to combine a few of my styles to create my dress. It has a soft, feminine vintage look, but yet wouldn't be out of place at a spring wedding today. The moment I put this dress on I feel like me and that's how you know it's your style. It's bright and fresh and makes me want to have a tea party and chat the afternoon away with my friends! Lace can be a tricky fabric to work with, but I love to wear it! This dress is made with a beautiful ivory lace with the scalloped edge featured on the cap sleeves and skirt hem. The lace is underlined with satin and closed with an invisible zipper. I created soft pleats on the bodice neckline and shaped the skirt waist using small knife pleats instead of gathers.  Thank you to Project Sewn for letting me be part of this fabulous competition with such talented seamstresses. It's been wonderful to meet new people and to get my sewing legs back!

Julia Bobbin
For more pictures and info, pop on over to my blog at Julia Bobbin

No Big Dill---She Dills in Black & White
What a group of amazingly talented women I've been able to compete with!  It has been so much fun to be on this adventure with those who share my passion, and it has pushed me to try new things and think more creatively than I normally would. My sewing machine has gotten a workout, my fabric stash has been raided and picked over, and my serger has been re-threaded more than it's ever been.  It has been delightful to be in this season of Project Sewn.  And my family is grateful to have me back. ;)
So. Signature look? I love orange.  But rarely wear it.  I admire green, but don't have much in my closet.  Black and white?  That's a combo that will never go out of style, in my opinion.  So, I went with black and white with a bit of green and a tiny pop of orange (can you spot it?).
It's been a long time since I've sewn a pattern straight up.  There's usually something I don't like about it, but this was fortuitous, because I loved every one of the details from Simplicity 2057.  I bought the coat fabric in the upholstery section, once again.  Seems I can't get enough of the stuff.  It's a woven cotton, which works nicely for our climate.  And because it's woven, either side is beautiful, so I used the reverse side for the inside collar/pocket flaps/epaulets and the back facing, just for whimsy.  The buttons are all glass, and I couldn't decide which ones I liked best, and when one cannot decide on buttons, one uses snaps!  That way I don't have to make buttonhole commitments and can change them out if, or rather, when I get the hankering.  I eked out the whole coat from 2 yards with only tiny bits of scraps leftover.  I am normally very vigilant about matching stripes and patterns, but I didn't have a choice with the minimal yardage, so when I was editing photos, it was serendipitous how the back yoke matched perfectly. 
The pants are self-drafted. I used stretch faux-leather in the front and a chevron patterned stretch iridescent in the back.  ps I don't really have just one signature look.  Come on over to my blog and see my 6 signature looks. ;)


  1. Julia, the lace really does fit you wonderfully and the more subtle lipstick/makeup palette together really make you radiant. So hard this week, everyone looks fabulous.

  2. WOW! Julia's dress blows me away. Her talent and attention to detail makes me strive to be a better seamstress, and no one could argue that gorgeous creation is 100% Miss Julia Bobbin. Well done, Lady!