Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #4: Signature Style Week!

We are here at the finale week of Season 2 of Project Sewn and we are SSOOOOOO ready to see your signature styles.  This week we want to see what you make for yourself, what you love to wear, and what looks amazing on you!
But before we get to the linky party, we need to announce our Sew-Along Winner from our Graphic Print Challenge.
It is Margo from Creating in the Gap with her Fierce...ish Dress!
Fierce indeed!!! Love the leather sleeves she added! 
 Congrats will be receiving a $25 gift certificate for adding to your fabric stash!!!!
Now, let's get to those signature styles!  And be sure to come back and vote tomorrow for your favorite designer------they are going so fantastic!


  1. Wow. What a nice surprise!! Thanks!!

  2. Waaaaat? Voting starts in 3 days? But I'm here now! And I'm not setting myself a reminder to come back here in 3 days because-this is the internet! It was built to be immediate-why the delay? I'd strongly suggest opening voting the day the post goes up, otherwise people will wander off and forget about it.

    1. People have all week to enter their "signature styles" into the linky party before the sew-along voting starts live. The designer's looks will be up tomorrow and the voting will begin the minute that post goes live.....we can't wait ;)

  3. I like number 5, the material in the Vintage style Mother Daughter Dresses is retro and perfect for the vintage trend I see a lot.

  4. do we become a contestant on project sewn? Because I'd love to participate!!