Friday, November 8, 2013

Favorite Winter Trends: Jen from icandy

So happy to be here on Project Sewn today! What a great blog.  I am obsessed with Project Runway, and so when liZ and Elizabeth created this site, I was SO EXCITED!

Anyway, these fabulous girls have invited me to talk about a favorite fashion trend for this winter. I thought about some of my favorite things right now, like booties...
but in the end, surprising even me, I want to talk about what I am loving right now- and never thought I would.

Plaid.  Yep.

I am loving plaid.  Especially comfy plaid shirts.
They are the perfect wardrobe staple this fall/winter.

Here are some great ways to wear them:

With leather and/or graphic tees:

Loose and blousy with skinnies:

With a maxi:

With heels:


Really- the options are endless.


  1. LOVE your round--up.....I love's such a fun print. Thanks for being here today!

  2. Ahhhhh...if only I could go back to 1996.

  3. I'm making a plaid dress and a plaid Dior new look jacket as we speak