Thursday, November 7, 2013

Favorite Winter Trends: Mandy from Sugar Bee

Hi everyone. My name is Mandy. I blog at Sugar Bee Crafts. And I'm a Project Sewn addict.  :)

Really, I'm super weak for blog contests, and I'm super weak for amazing sewing - so of course this blog is awesome.  And what a fun series - favorite fashion trends.  The thing is - I'm not fashionable at all! I was super excited to participate today, but also at a loss since I'm not very fashion-forward.

But what I want to talk about today is for anyone - fashionable or not!  Patterned Leggings.  Bam.  Now don't immediately get turned off - they can be awesome.  And even I have a pair.  And I think you should try some.  Look - doable:
I checked with my fashion go-tos, and yes, Patterned Leggings are here for another season.  They were in-fashion last year, but I'm normally only in vogue enough to jump on a fashion trend in it's second year, so I'm glad this is back.
And I'm embracing it.  Here's why:
--Have you ever put on a pair of leggings?  that's why.  Very comfy.
--Fun - the pattern brings some fun to the whole look.
--Mom-friendly - an outfit that looks pulled together but wears like sweatpants - that's what all moms need.
So from my perspective, you have to keep a few things in mind:
--Rear coverage - you know what I mean!  Longer tops are a must.
--Plain shirts - since the leggings have pattern, you want a plain top - a denim shirt is awesome (as above) and I think oversized sweaters and cardigans are also great.
--Boots - wearing boots pulls in the fall/winter aspect and polishes off the look.
--Accessories - it doesn't need much, but maybe throw on some big earrings to top off your outfit.

Since this fashion trend is in it's second season, it's easier to embrace - it's not so "out there" and more people are on board, which makes it easier to give it a try and not feel too crazy doing so.  Go grab yourself a pair of patterned leggings and enjoy the awesomeness!

Some other examples (pics link to their source) - - 
Linda composição etnica  You could pull them off meike Patterned leggings fashion - streetstyle - patterned leggings, oversized cardigan
winter wear  tears-will-burn-the-pillow:  Untitled | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Hope to see you over at the super-awesome blog, Sugar Bee Crafts!

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  1. I never gave leggings a thought until now. All those leggings are so cute! I think I need to get some. I already planned to get some boots for the cold weather.

  2. Mandy, now I just need your legs to wear them!!!! They look so cute on.....

  3. Okay!! This looks like fun. I saw some at F21 yesterday, and just breezed by them, but all these examples, yours especially, look so cute! I used to sew leggings all the time. Time to buy a meter of fabric and give it a whirl. There's just so easy to sew!

  4. Sewing just released superb leggings pattern and I've made stripy pair already. Glad to know they're still in style.

  5. she seriously makes me want a pair... now I just have to find them@ Emily