Monday, August 26, 2013

Coffee Date Sew Along Winner....

Over the weekend we emailed some of our past Project Sewn contestants and asked them to weigh in on your Coffee Date Sew along looks.
(Which were all fantastic by the way!)
And after receiving their feedback the winner of our Coffee Date Sew Along is....
Congratulations Shannon!
For winning our sew along we will be sending her:

A bundle of neon cotton by Riley Blake

A pair of Gingher scissors!
Thank you so much to all of you who sewed along!  It is so fun to all be working on a project together.  We are definitely planning on doing more of these.
We can't wait for our next season to begin...not only are our contestants AWESOME but our themes are so much fun!  I'm totally sewing along...I already know what I am making for 2 of the challenges! 
(And yes, we will be revealing both the contestants and the themes soon...very stay tuned!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Coffee Date Dress Sew-Along Linky Party!!!!

The day has come to link up your Coffee Date Dresses!!!!

And please know that you still have time to sew one.  The pattern is free and there is no excuse not to make yourself a new dress this week (or next)!

The linky party will be open from today through Friday August 23rd (sorry I know I wrote the 25th in the last post but we need to have the judges have some deliberation time;)

We will announce the winner and the prize on Monday, August 26th.

We can't wait to see how your dresses have turned out!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Sew Along Contest: The Coffee Date Dress!!!!

It's August and we are getting excited for another fall Season of Project Sewn.  But before we begin we want to do a sew-along contest to ramp up our sewing for ourselves.

And for this first time we chose a pattern that was one of the first things that I sewed for myself. 
 It is the.....

The Coffee Date Dress is a free pattern offered on Burda Style and is offered in Burda sizes 34-42 (US sizing 2-10) but feel free to size it up or down to fit you!  We want everyone to be able to participate!!!!

You are welcome to sew the pattern as written, remix it, or anything else you can think of.  We are so excited to see what you will do with it!!!

HERE is the link to the pattern from Burda Style.

And a HUGE thank you to The Selfish Seamstress for such a great pattern. 
 (She is an AWESOME sewist if she isn't on your reading will surely put her on now!)

Here is how the contest will work:

On August 12th we will open the linky party for you to showcase your Coffee Date Dress
On August 25th we close linky party and the results will be narrowed down to a top 5

August 26th--The voting begins!
August 29th at 8 pm--Voting ends

And then on August 30th we will announce our Coffee Date Dress Winner!!!

So get ready.....dig through your fabric stashes and get sewing!!!!!  
(I have mine all picked out and ready to cut---but I wanted to wait and begin when you all did ;)

PS--If you wouldn't mind spreading the word....we would love you forever.....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Skirting the Issue: I love beginings but am not so fond of endings...

Although Skirting the Issue doesn't end until August 18th at midnight, today is the official last day of our Skirting the Issue posts.  And like I said in the title I love beginnings but am not so fond of endings.
This year, as last year, I've been so touched by your emails, stories, and the items that you've made to donate.  Here are a few of the items that been uploaded to the Skirting the Issue Flickr Group:
This darling dress and matching bag from Butterflies and Faeries.

These fun pillowcase and treat packets made by Fishsticks Designs.

And these beautiful baby buntings made by Nina.
As of right now we are almost up to 200 items made to be donated.  That is fantastic!
But...can we make it to 300 items before August 18th???
I hope so.  That would be wonderful. 
(And remember to please upload your items to the Skirting the Issue Flickr Group...every item uploaded enters you to win one of our list of prizes...fabric, gifts cards, and a brand new SINGER sewing machine.)
Thank you to all of you who have sewn along with us.
Thank you.
Skirting the Issue is something that is very dear to us and we could not do it without you. 
So thank you.
We appreciate you...very very much.
So very very Much.