Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Fall Schedule and Thank You's

It's time to announce our fall schedule.
Just because we are in between seasons that doesn't mean we are just going to sit around.  We've got things planned!  SO let's get down to business.
Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks:
Monday, Nov. 4th:  A great giveaway to help you with your sewing!
Tuesday, Nov.5th-Friday, Nov. 8th:  A week full of guest posts about fashion trends for the upcoming winter season.
Monday, Nov. 11th:  We'll start our holiday sew along!  (More details coming on that soon!  It's a great free online pattern that is perfect for the winter season.)
And before we sign off today we need to thank our sponsors.  Without them Project Sewn wouldn't be possible and we appreciate them.  So if you need any of the following items please stop by their sites and see if you can find what you are looking for.
We love our sponsors (we've chosen only the sponsors whose products we love ourselves) and we hope that you like them as much as we do!
Thank you again to them and to all of you for following along, commenting, voting, and sewing along with us.  We are looking forward to many, many more seasons!
Monday, October 28, 2013

Signature Style Sew Along Winner

We are a little late on posting this morning.
But we need to announce our Signature Style Sew Along Winner and thank all of you who sewed along with us this season.
This season the competition was so fun to watch...we had such great designers but we also had terrific things linked up each and every week.  We loved seeing what each of you made.  What a delightful and talented group you all are.  Thank you for sewing along with us.
And now, without further ado...
The winner of our Signature Style sew along is....
Nine Stitches with her "Flaming Red" entry!
Congratulations!  Your dress is fabulous!
(And we will be contacting you soon about your prize!)

And don't go away!  We have some fun things planned over the holidays and a new season that will begin after the holiday season wraps up.  Watch for announcements this week about all the upcoming events!
Friday, October 25, 2013

And the Season 2 winner is......

What a season this has been! 
We knew when we put together this line up of fabulous women that we would see some amazing work but we had no idea how fantastic their looks would actually be.
Each of our contestants this season are not only talented seamstresses but each have a strong sense of self and a defined style all their own.  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the looks come in every week with their variety of fabrics, photo shoots, tastes, genres, and sensibilities.

We appreciate the time and effort each one of our designers has put into their weekly looks.  And we are so happy to have had them here sharing all their awesomeness with us.  This season has been outstanding.

And now, the winner of Season 2 Project Sewn is....

A huge congratulations to Katy for all her hard work and phenomenal outfits! 
As the winner of Project Sewn Season 2 Katy will be receiving:
$125 gift certificate from Jo Totes
$100 gift certificate from A Fashionable Stitch
$100 gift certificate from
$100 gift certificate from Sew Fine Fabrics
$50 course from Craftsy
Our second place winner is.....
 Congrats Julia!!!!!  And as the second place winner, Julia will also be receiving some awesome prizes from our sponsors. 
Her prize package will include:
$80 gift certificate from Victory Patterns
$75 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat
$50 gift certificate from A Fashionable Stitch
$50 course from Craftsy
$40 gift certificate from Sewaholic Patterns
Set of 3 sewing patterns from Jamie Christina

 And last but certainly not least is our third place winner....
 Congratulations Adrianna! She will be receiving a prize package as well full of wonderfully donated gifts for her:
$75 gift certificate to The Ribbon Retreat
$50 class to Craftsy
$35 pattern bundle from Deer & Doe Patterns
Set of 3 sewing patterns from Jamie Christina
$20 gift certificate to Fabricworm

A HUGE thank you to all of our designers for such a wonderful and inspiring season.  We know that each of the designers put their hearts and souls into bringing us magnificent looks and we so love them for that.  It's not an easy schedule of sewing, photographing, editing, styling and then posting....and we love that they would be willing to come along this journey with us. 
And a HUGE thank you to each and every one of our sponsors.  When starting any competition season, it is always a bit nerve-wracking to see if we are going to be able to get some prizes that any sewist would dream of....and boy did our sponsors step up to the plate!  We were able to offer such amazing prizes because of their generosity. So, we would ask you that if you have fabric, photography, notions, and pattern needs to please visit each of them.  We so appreciate them and their love of Project Sewn!!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone....but come back on Monday.  We still have some exciting plans cooked up before the holidays and an amazing line up after the holidays in SEASON 3!!!!!  Wahoo!!!
PS--Don't forget to vote for your favorite Sew-Along Signature Style look!  Found HERE!
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time to Vote! The Signature Style Challenge

Crafterhours---Don't Change Your Stripes

I hope I'm not the only one that had the hardest time with the Signature Style week! I didn't know for sure what I would do for this week until about two weeks ago. Of course, a big part of that was not expecting to make it this far!! But mostly because it's just hard to nail down one outfit. I have lots of favorites in everything, and clothes are no exception. Finally I just decided to pick something from my "I want to sew this" sketchbook. It's kinda like a pinterest board, but analog :) I will say that the one thing about 99% of my clothes have in common is that they are fitted. But it's really hard to find sewing patterns that aren't billowy or rely on belts to cinch them in, so I don't sew for myself as often as I should. Making these 4 outfits that actually fit me has been so fun and challenging, and I never would've done it without the push from PS and the encouragement from you guys, so thanks a bazillion!


Moving on! I told my vespa-owning friend the theme of this week and she said, "So are you going to make something with navy and white stripes?" Doh, I guess so! But I also love color blocking. And a small (very small) bit of detail. Usually a pocket is enough for me. And I'm really a knits girl at heart, so in the end this shirt was kind of a no-brainer. I didn't realize just how perfect it was for me until it was done and I wore it for 3 days straight. Basically, you could graffiti my name on a shirt and it wouldn't scream ADRIANNA!! as much as this shirt.


The skirt, well, it's no showstopper. But that's how I roll. I like my clothes to be simple and multi-purpose and the handful of garments I own that are too elaborate or only match one thing never get worn. I wear denim or twill in varying colors every day of the week on the bottom half of my body, so this fit the bill. Also, for the past few months I've gone to my closet wanting to grab this skirt and it never exists, so it was time to make it happen! It's a stretch denim with my signature exposed metal zip, almost identical to my elephant skirt last week. I just really love this silhouette and how it has a pencil skirt look, isn't too long or too short, and is wide enough at the hem to take big strides in, just in case an overenthusiastic toddler decides to make a break for it in the grocery store. Which is always. OK, that's all from me! You can go see more pictures of this outfit and lots of other fun stuff at Crafterhours, we'd love to have you!

Julia Bobbin--A New Day
Julia Bobbin

Wow the final week! How exciting! When it comes to looks that define us, I have a bit of a split personality. The great part about being able to sew is that you get to experiment with all different types of looks, and I love many! I lean towards vintage, the 60's in particular with it's feminine silhouettes, but I'm also drawn to modern fashion with architectural shapes and lines. So which one do I choose?

Julia Bobbin

I decided to combine a few of my styles to create my dress. It has a soft, feminine vintage look, but yet wouldn't be out of place at a spring wedding today. The moment I put this dress on I feel like me and that's how you know it's your style. It's bright and fresh and makes me want to have a tea party and chat the afternoon away with my friends! Lace can be a tricky fabric to work with, but I love to wear it! This dress is made with a beautiful ivory lace with the scalloped edge featured on the cap sleeves and skirt hem. The lace is underlined with satin and closed with an invisible zipper. I created soft pleats on the bodice neckline and shaped the skirt waist using small knife pleats instead of gathers.  Thank you to Project Sewn for letting me be part of this fabulous competition with such talented seamstresses. It's been wonderful to meet new people and to get my sewing legs back!

Julia Bobbin
For more pictures and info, pop on over to my blog at Julia Bobbin

No Big Dill---She Dills in Black & White
What a group of amazingly talented women I've been able to compete with!  It has been so much fun to be on this adventure with those who share my passion, and it has pushed me to try new things and think more creatively than I normally would. My sewing machine has gotten a workout, my fabric stash has been raided and picked over, and my serger has been re-threaded more than it's ever been.  It has been delightful to be in this season of Project Sewn.  And my family is grateful to have me back. ;)
So. Signature look? I love orange.  But rarely wear it.  I admire green, but don't have much in my closet.  Black and white?  That's a combo that will never go out of style, in my opinion.  So, I went with black and white with a bit of green and a tiny pop of orange (can you spot it?).
It's been a long time since I've sewn a pattern straight up.  There's usually something I don't like about it, but this was fortuitous, because I loved every one of the details from Simplicity 2057.  I bought the coat fabric in the upholstery section, once again.  Seems I can't get enough of the stuff.  It's a woven cotton, which works nicely for our climate.  And because it's woven, either side is beautiful, so I used the reverse side for the inside collar/pocket flaps/epaulets and the back facing, just for whimsy.  The buttons are all glass, and I couldn't decide which ones I liked best, and when one cannot decide on buttons, one uses snaps!  That way I don't have to make buttonhole commitments and can change them out if, or rather, when I get the hankering.  I eked out the whole coat from 2 yards with only tiny bits of scraps leftover.  I am normally very vigilant about matching stripes and patterns, but I didn't have a choice with the minimal yardage, so when I was editing photos, it was serendipitous how the back yoke matched perfectly. 
The pants are self-drafted. I used stretch faux-leather in the front and a chevron patterned stretch iridescent in the back.  ps I don't really have just one signature look.  Come on over to my blog and see my 6 signature looks. ;)
Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #4: Signature Style Week!

We are here at the finale week of Season 2 of Project Sewn and we are SSOOOOOO ready to see your signature styles.  This week we want to see what you make for yourself, what you love to wear, and what looks amazing on you!
But before we get to the linky party, we need to announce our Sew-Along Winner from our Graphic Print Challenge.
It is Margo from Creating in the Gap with her Fierce...ish Dress!
Fierce indeed!!! Love the leather sleeves she added! 
 Congrats will be receiving a $25 gift certificate for adding to your fabric stash!!!!
Now, let's get to those signature styles!  And be sure to come back and vote tomorrow for your favorite designer------they are going so fantastic!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Graphic Print Challenge: The Results are In!!!

Wasn't week #3 phenomenal?  I am so in love with everything everyone created.  From the looks, the colors of the prints, to the styling.....they are all pros!!!
But as we all know, this is Project Sewn and there are results that come along with each weekly challenge.  So, let's get to those on this crisp Friday morning.
The winner of the Graphic Print Challenge is......
Congratulations Katy!!!!
And sadly, after combining the reader's poll and the contestants scores' for each other....we are tearfully losing dear Anna of Noodlehead.  We are going to miss her amazing sense of styling and sewing talent---but luckily we will still catch up with her amazing skills on her blog.  Thank you a million times over to Anna for joining us and inspiring us this season!!!

And luckily Anna is not going home empty-handed...she will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to
And one more announcement for today.  We just so happened to forget to announce the winner of the Sew Along for Week #2---so let's do that!
Our week #2 winner is....
Congrats Shelly!  You will be receiving a $25 gift card for some great new fabrics!!!!!
And now it's time to vote on Week #3's Sew Along!!!
Head HERE to vote for your favorite graphic print look this week!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, we will announce the sew-along results on Monday.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time to Vote! The Graphic Print Challenge

Noodlehead---Subtle Splashes

I was very excited to dive into my stash for the Graphic Print Challenge.  I love prints, and it's especially fun to have a few tucked away for making garments.  At first I thought a longer dress would show off a graphic print really well, but I would hardly ever have the opportunity to wear it.  So I went with separates that I know I would wear. I had my Anna Maria Horner rayon all set to go!  I loved taking time pairing it with different fabrics, mixing and matching colors and patterns is my fave.  The top is so soft, the rayon really sews up nicely and I can't wait to get more.  It's based loosely on the Datura Blouse from Deer & Doe.  I used a really pretty blue/gray/coral/yellow Liberty of London print for the neckline, armholes, and placket.  Told you I wasn't stopping at one placket.

The skirt is one I've made a few times before, Simplicity 2622.  This time I knew all the areas that I wanted to add special touches.  Pocket bags, a hong kong seam finish for the back seam.  Liberty facing with a bound edge.  I love the chambray, it's one I'll wear with anything.  As for the cardigan, it's based on a favorite cardigan in my closet.  I used this sweater knit and I love how soft and cozy it is.  I couldn't believe how much I love it.  It's a favorite fall look, all three of these pieces will get a ton of wear!

No Big Dill---Octopi Crush

The week started out relatively calm, with plans for just a simple stamped fabric.

The octopi won out and graced a tissue-weight fabric in stripes.  Then they were joined by seaweed-like ruffles that managed to take stage front and center, pushing those sea creatures aside. Before I knew it, there were polka-dots everywhere and bows that wanted in on the action as well! 
This was a fun one for me, and I finally had to tell myself: enough, Katy.  The skirt is a self drafted pattern with a small placket in the back and two layers of fabric.  The shirt is actually from an old dress pattern (Vogue 8028-I think I snatched it from my mom?) that I used just the top bodice, lengthening it to blouse length.  I also rounded the collar and added tiny piping (can you spy it?), as well as shortening the sleeves with the addition of a vent.  And bow, of course.  The buttons (12 of them!!) are probably the smallest I've ever used on a functional item of clothing and I think they're quite delightful, just the same size as the polka-dots, made of glass.  I have more photos on my blog, no big dill, plus some unexpected photo-bombers, if you dare venture over! ;)

Julia Bobbin---Hay Fever

Julia Bobbin

I really enjoyed this challenge and learnt a few things about myself along the way! I've always loved and been drawn to prints. When you look into my (very extensive and out of control) fabric stash, you'll see piles and piles of beautiful fabric with prints that make you ooh and ahh. But here's the thing, I hardly ever use prints! I had a look through my past projects and I was shocked to discover that out of my 41 projects listed, only 10 of them were with printed fabrics! How curious! When I go into a fabric store without a project in mind, I buy up on beautiful prints. But when my project is inspired by a pattern first, I'm drawn to straight colours.

Julia Bobbin

After this little epiphany I was excited to break out of my subconscious design cycle and start my design with a print first. I had this beautiful colourful cotton sateen in my stash and I decided to liberate it from the pile. It was so fun coming up with ideas to fit the fabric! This dress was made using an altered bodice of Vogue pattern 8280. I drafted my own skirt and sleeves, which both feature a row of pleats. The pleats were cut on the straight grain to make them kick out a little at the bottom and then were each individually sewn together. It took many hours and a lot of fabric to make just the pleats alone; 4 hours and 4 metres to be exact! Yikes! The pleats give a beautiful weight to the hemline and I love the flirty-ness it adds to the garment. It's Spring here in Australia and it's starting to warm up. Looks like this dress has come just in time!

Julia Bobbin - Hay Fever
For more pictures and details, pop on over to my blog at Julia Bobbin

Crafterhours---Safari Chic


This week's look came together rather fortuitously. I made the shirt and the blazer before I found the elephant print, so I spent a few weeks nervously hoping the perfect fabric would find me. Luckily it did, and just in time too! The tank is jersey in the front and silky polyester in the back. I bought the fabrics online, so I was just hoping they'd match. I was so excited to open the box and discover that they were nearly identical. The shirt pattern was made using my own bodice sloper and a few muslins. The racerback features a heavy metal navy zipper, which is a look I'd been wanting to make for awhile now. I hemmed the tank with an exaggerated shirt hem just for some interest.


The jacket was also a long process and didn't turn out at all like my original sketch, but it is one of my favorite pieces from Project Sewn. I love how sewing can be such a journey sometimes. I started with a bulky, long blazer pattern from Burda and ended up taking it in by about 4 inches, angling the front bodices to be asymmetrical, and making the sleeves 3/4 length. I still wasn't loving the look, so I cut the whole thing off at the waist and added a half circle peplum and a gray velvet ribbon. I just love how it's classy and a little bit equestrian, but the sweatshirt fabric makes it completely accessible for everyday wear with jeans.  I found this elephant canvas fabric while in Singapore with some girlfriends and knew immediately that it was going to be my print. Because it is so graphic and large scale, I decided to make a simple straight mini to really feature the unique print. The skirt was a pure joy to put together, with no mistakes or fit issues. I made the pattern just by plotting my measurements and then used back darts to tailor the waist. I hand stitched the hem, and then hand stitched the lining to the hem (all while watching Downton, of course!) and it made for a very professional and satisfying finished product. You can see pictures of the inside and more of the outfit over at Crafterhours!
Monday, October 14, 2013

Week #3: The Graphic Print Challenge

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3 of Project Sewn Season 2.
This week we are all about the graphic prints.

What does that mean? 
It means find yourself a great graphic print and then design yourself something delightful using it!
And once you have it made take a picture of it and link it up to the party below. 

We'll be looking forward to see what you come up with!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Era Challenge Winner (And Voting Begins for the Sew Along Group)

The Fashion Era challenge was so much fun to watch!!!
It was so interesting to see how all the different personalities of our designers came through in their styles.  Each look was so unique!
After the votes were tallied and the designers sent their scores in for each other the winner of this week's challenge is Adrianna from Crafterhours.

And sadly we have to say good bye to our dear friend Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair.
Aside from sewing garments Melissa is a bag maker extraordinaire...and a smocking wiz...and a quilter...and has the ability to make anything (and we mean anything) absolutely adorable!

We're sad to see her go but we're sending of with a $25 gift card to
And now all we have left to tell you is that voting is now open for the sew along group so head on over here:
and vote or your favorite!
(And we will see you back here Monday to kick off our graphic print challenge.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time to Vote: The Fashion Era Challenge!

Here we are at Week #2 and this week we are all about fashion eras.  Each designer took a fashion era as inspiration and made a fantastic outfit!  Be sure to scroll through all the looks before voting (poll is at the bottom of the post).  Votes are one per computer/IP address and the poll will be open until Thursday evening at 8pm (MDT).  Good luck to all our designers!  They each have so much inspiration for us this week!!!!

No Big Dill---Fabulous Forties
Fabulous Forties Fashion!  I bounced all over the place with this challenge.  There are so many eras that would be thrilling to play with in regards to fashion, but I settled on the 40's.  It was during the 40's when women had to work in the factories, taking over for mens' jobs during the war.  Women wore skirts almost exclusively back then, but they quickly discovered the impracticability and danger of the extra flow-y fabric in their work.  They began wearing men's pants, but the fashion industry hopped on the chance to make something more feminine, although still boxy in shape.  Thus, the women's pant suit was born. 

The fabric for the pants are a cotton/linen blend with a silver sheen I found at an upholstery shop when I went to pick up a settee we were having recovered.  I used Vogue 7301 (it's one of my favorite pant patterns because it is so flattering), just making minor alterations, changing the opening to the side, taking out the ankle vent, and lengthening them a couple of inches.  I also added a couple of fun details.
The jacket.  Whew.  I almost gave up on it.  I found the "highly" embroidered fabric at the same upholstery shop, also made out of linen.  What I didn't realize is my sewing machine would not be happy going over such bumpy fabric!  I finally resorted to sewing it using my zipper foot and pulling each bump between the foot and feed dogs.  Not ideal.  Then it looked like "an old ladies jacket".  I used the basic lines from Simplicity 4033 in the bodice, but then reworked it and reworked it.  I changed the collar into a motorcycle-style closure, chopped the sleeves off (which is always dramatic to do in front of an audience) and Pearl (my 10 year-old) had the suggestion of making a v-shape cuff.  I added exposed zippers to both the cuff and front along with some embroidery using silver thread.  I also changed the front shape to reverse mimic the cuffs.   Come on over to no big dill to see more photos and a few out-takes!

The Polka Dot Chair--70's Inspired Embroidered Tunic

Hey, It's Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair. This week I surprised even myself by choosing the 70's my inspiration Era. Normally you can count me as a pretty classic late 50's early 60's girl when it comes to clothing inspiration. The gorgeous fall that's on it's way to Kentucky changed my mind though. You should see how bright the leaves here are in the Fall, gorgeous deep reds, oranges and yellows.
I picked up the red trim that is on this project on my trip to NYC last May and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. It reminded me so much of all of the gorgeous embroidery that you used to see on Caftans and Tunics from the 70's. Using the trim as my main inspiration, I decided to make a 70's inspired Linen Tunic for my project, trying to pull in a little Boho inspiration from that Era. I used the trim to frame out the neckline of the Tunic then added entredeux stitching over the seams on the front using a wing needle. To add a bit more red I hand stitched lines using 2 strands of red floche.


The pattern is Anna Maria Horner's Painted Portrait Dress and it's made from 100% Linen. I didn't change much on the pattern other than taking in the front (there was a bit too much fullness for me built into the pattern) and adding darts to the back seams to pull it in a bit to give it a more flattering shape. For a bit more detail I added piping to the back seams and sleeve hems. The last touch was a horse button that I picked up this summer.   For more pictures head over to the Polka Dot Chair!

Julia Bobbin--'You Really Got Me'
Julia Bobbin - You Really Got Me

For this challenge I was inspired by the early 60's. I love the fashion of this era which still has echoes of the 50's but with the attitude and boldness of the new decade. It was a time of change for women in all aspects of their lives and I love how their empowerment was reflected in the way they dressed. To create this dress I used Butterick pattern 5747 which was originally released in the year 1960. The dress has a collar, pleated skirt, fitted bodice, a detachable dickey and a button closure down the centre front. I added white trim on the dress for more of a sweet nautical look.

Julia Bobbin - You Really Got Me

I dare you to wear a full skirt and not twirl around in it. I dare you!  I styled the dress with a red belt, a vintage brooch, red lipstick (of course!) and put my hair into a faux bob. I love how this style looks and how it makes me feel. And it's red. Enough said.

Julia Bobbin - You Really Got Me

For more pictures and details head on over to my blog at Julia Bobbin.

Crafterhours---Very Audrey

This week for our Era Challenge, I'm channeling a 50's/60's Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actress and style icon! Her style was chic yet simple and classic, and I really identify with that. In fact, I think I can just go ahead and repost these pictures for my signature style look! Right away, I knew the trench coat was an absolute must. I braced myself for a major sew-a-thon and dove in to this Vogue pattern with 25 pattern pieces! It took me 3 hours just to cut out and mark the fabric, and I don't even want to know how many hours I spent sewing it. I really love the neutral + neon trend that's happening, so I lined it with a neon pink and added matching buttons.


I couldn't do an Audrey look without a classic Breton shirt and cigarette pants. I made my own shirt pattern and modernized it by using neon pink for the stripes, which I ended up painting on since Breton stripe fabric is all but impossible to buy (it must have that signature white space above the stripes!). It was a process, but I loved how it turned out and you can't even tell it's painted. I added my own little navy neck binding detail for a little contrast. I decided to update the classic cigarette pants with skinny jeans. This was my first time making my own jeans and it was so incredibly easy. Actually, it was probably the easiest thing I made for all 4 weeks of Project Sewn! I used matching navy top stitching to give them more of a formal look instead of traditional gold stitching. I started with the trousers pattern from this book, and ended up changing everything except the waistband.


This was my absolute favorite week, both because I love the clothes and because I got to ride that Vespa! I might have to do that for every photoshoot from now on. Head over to Crafterhours to hear more about that story and see more pictures of the outfit!

Noodlehead----The 70's

Welcome to the 70s everyone!  I was so excited about this challenge.  So I had to make a high waisted flared jean.  And a pretty popover top.  I made jeans people!  Real jeans! with a zipper and everything.  I used BurdaStyle's Denim Trousers pattern to start and a handy video on you tube for the zip fly.  I did make a quick muslin of the pants.  I was really concerned about sinking so much time into a project and was glad I took the time to make the muslin, know what I mean?  The directions from Burda were pretty sparse so I was glad I had made some similar pants before - even if they weren't jeans.  The fabric actually is a nice lightweight denim, a really nice soft linen cotton blend.  I loved picking out this Liberty bias tape I had tucked away, great little pop of color for the inner details of the pants.

I was scampering around last minute trying to find just the right plaid yarn dyed fabric, but nothing really was jumping out at me with my limited local fabric shopping resources.  So I dug through the stash and hesitantly pulled out this lovely Liberty of London print.  I knew it was time to use it!  The top is loosely based on a Wiksten Tova top, but highly modified.  I love shirts with a button placket, so I added one.  I also did a fancy cuff tailoring and a shirt tail hem.  I also spliced through the back bodice and added a little gathering to make it extra comfy and pretty.  I will wear this shirt until it crumbles off my body.  Literally.  At least 15 hours went into making the jeans and about 9 spent on making the top.  Done.

Please stop by my blog this week and check out more pictures and details about each of these pieces.