Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time to Vote: If the Shoe Fits!

Alright people...it's time to vote!

The theme was "If the shoe fits" and designers were asked to select a pair of shoes and create a look to wear with (and was inspired by) them!
Here's what they've made.  Read through their designs and then vote for you favorite!

Oonaballona: Menage a Shoe

The peeps who wrapped these glorious sky high wedges were all about print matching, and I'm all about print mixing, so I decided to do a little of both.

Yes, there are three prints going on up in here, and the materials I used required three tons of print patience: bias enclosed chevrons to the left of me, horsehaired pleats to the right...bits of dissected and reattached guipere lace, handsewn to make a perfectly matched bolero... all with strep throat as my unwanted companion.  FUN.  In my fevered mind, this Mexican cotton, French lace and Ikat kicks were the perfect threesome.
Oh yeah, and I yarnbombed a pair of gold hoop earrings to cap it off.  As you do.  The height of these skyscrapers demanded I play with proportions: "taller" skirt, way taller hair, teeny jacket...or maybe the meds were doing it, cause y'all, shoes don't talk.  I'll be describing much more of this week's efforts on my blog, oonaballoona, along with some guts for ya, come by and have a drink! Swear I'm not contagious!

A Fashionable Stitch:  dapper

This has got to be one of my favorite outfits I've ever worn. I've always, always wanted to mix prints effortlessly and in this outfit, I think I achieved a pretty fabulous balance of print, pattern, texture and color. It definitely has a bit of genius in it. The shoes provided the backdrop to this week's challenge and I'm pretty sure, you could wear just about anything with animal print. They make a really exciting statement (I love me some animal print!) and these in particular are surprisingly comfortable to boot!

The lace pencil skirt is my own self drafted skirt. This lace was unbelievably expensive when I bought it, but I had to have it. It's unusual that I even like lace to be honest, so when I see a piece that I like, it gets to me. I paired it with a 4-ply silk crepe as an underlay, and its lined in bemberg rayon lining with a petersham ribbon waistband. Definitely did not skimp on the skirt. The shirt is Simplicity 2339 (now sadly, out of print) and one of my TNT's. Made from a Liberty of London cotton lawn, I was surprised to see these two items pair so well together. My jacket is not 100% made by me. It's my favorite jacket ever and I've had it for years (the green jacket from challenge #1 is the exact replica of this jacket). It had come to the point where I had to re-line it and so I did. I completely undid the lining, unpicked the pieces, cut the new pieces from the old pieces and put it all back together again. It's a lot of work actually and so I've included it in this outfit as part of the challenge. I mean, it pulls the whole thing together! And you know, I'm all about a good jacket!

You should definitely hop on over to A Fashionable Stitch for more, plus pics of me and my sweetie, whose jacket I also re-lined and tailored. What can I say, it was Valentine's Day!

House of Pinheiro:  Conexao Copacabana

Did you know we are fast approaching Carnival? I'm dreaming of Rio right now. Oh! the warmth of weather, happy music, and street parties. Teleport me now please! Using my Copacabana shoe geometric print as my inspiration, I drafted my whole outfit.  Brazilian's shirts are tight, short and worn open to show our bikinis underneath. The yoke patch pockets have a central pleat, close with a flap and a black & white pokadot button. The shirt has a Johnny collar, a hidden contrasting flap for the buttons and 3/4 sleeves. The flat is decorated with leather piping. Because the shoe has a "black nose" I thought would be fun to add a black band over the sleeves and secure it with a tab, to give the same aesthetics as the curved hemline.  

Both my fabrics came from my home town: Brasilia. The shirt is sewn in linen and the trousers in cotton sateen. My favourite fabrics to wear during the summer. My high waist trousers feature a fly zipper front, high waist and a slim overlapping waistband.  Instead of a button, a hook and eye was used to secure the overlapping. I opted for a straight leg instead of a slim cigarette because of the proportion of the shirt. Are you ready to join me in Copacabana?  Here is your caipirinha and let's catch up on details about this outfit over the blog.

Alida Makes:  I've Got the Blues

I love shoes! For this challenge we were supposed to choose a pair of our shoes and design an outfit inspired by them. I chose my L.L. Bean rain boots, because every Southern girl has a pair and we love to wear them with raincoats and flirty skirts! (I did 2 photo shoots for this outfit, thus the different colored tights.) I decided that I wanted to make a trench coat to go with them, but here's my thing with trench coats: when it rains, your head gets wet. So what exactly is the point of them? I have a couple trench coats but never wear them! This trench coat, I decided, would have a hood.

The trench coat pattern is Burda Trench Coat #118. I modified it by adding the hood. The outer fabric is from the Target sheet section of all places. I love using Target sheets for fabric because they are thick but soft and come in such pretty patterns! After completing the jacket I waterproofed it with a waterproofing spray. The lining is a thick polyester blend. The shirt underneath is the Casual Lady Top pattern by Go To Patterns. The skirt is just a simple skirt with an elastic waist band. The exciting thing about the skirt is that I finally got to courage to cut into my Liberty Of London fabric! I love this print because it just looks like a rainy day. I love it so much I even used it as an accent on the jacket. Can you spot it?

I have many more pictures and details on my blog, so hop on over and see the rest of the story!


  1. Another tough one, but I love Alida's shoes and her amazing trench - who would've thought a sheet and waterproofing spray could make such a gorgegous and practical coat?

  2. looking for the vote button...

  3. I'm in awe of the talent these ladies are showing...wow. Not an easy vote today. I agree with Katie - never in a million years would I have looked at Target sheets and thought trench coat, but it is fabulous. Oona's dress... superb matching and fitting, and quite colorful (of course, I don't think I've ever seen Oona in a drab outfit! LOL!) House of Pinheiro - those are some wild shoes, but with your outfit they work great. And Sunny... I would have looked at those shoes and had no idea of what to do. You were able to pull together some things I wouldn't have considered and made it work!

  4. Oh My Goodness Ladies!!! I'm without words! Very well done!

  5. I loved every single one, but the rain boots knocked it out of the park for inspiration. Any country girl has owned a pair and I don't think I have worn mine outside a pair of work pants and a sweat shirt. Well done!

  6. i really really really want to vote for two!

  7. Mixmaster Oona!! These ladies are so talented!

  8. Seriously?? I think we need to pull an American Idol and not send anyone home this week. These are all amazing!!

  9. Its hard when you can only vote for one! But I made the hard choice and voted. Good luck to all the ladies.

  10. Great stuff! I love seeing all the creative genius going on here. So here's to choose just one!

  11. what a fun challenge! one of my favs!

  12. I'm literally blown away by the creativity of these ladies! Superb! Such a quirky theme and interesting that everyone interpreted it with patterns! I've cast my vote but it was a very tough decision!

  13. Yay! This was so fun to read! Very creative. I have to go with the rain boots and rain jacket! I want a rain coat like that soooooo bad! Good job ladies. :)