Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #3: "If the Shoe Fits" Challenge (and week #2 sew-along results)

Welcome to Week 3 of Project Sewn Season 3!
This season has been insane!!!
The designs...the photography...the fashion...and this week isn't going to be any different.
(We CAN NOT wait to show you what the ladies have come up with this are going to love it!)
But before we reveal their looks tomorrow we first need to announce the theme for this week which is:
"If the shoe fits"
What does that mean?
That means choose an amazing pair of shoes that you love and sew up a little something fabulous to go with them. 
Do they have to be heels? 
No way!!!  Boots, slippers, flip-flops, keds...what's your feet and your choice!
And we are dying to see what all of you make!
(This is going to be so much fun!)
Now...before we get to the linky party and all of your goodness for this week we need to announce the winner of the sew along for our "Think Pink" challenge last week.
And the winner is....

Congratulations!  We will be sending you a gift card to buy more sewing supplies with!
Now....let's get this party started!  Please link up your "If the Shoe Fits" designs to the linky party below:


  1. this is going to be a fun week! i cannot wait to see what the designers come up with:)

  2. Big Congrats to Maze Living! And thanks for the many votes I received! It's always so nice to be complimented by sewers!!!

    Now, bring on the shoes!

  3. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the voting and thanks for all the support! There were so many amazing creations and so much talent! I am very new to blogging and I am a bit overwhelmed with the response. It is an awesome feeling to be a part of this great sewing world! It was also my birthday yesterday, and I couldn't have gotten a better gift. Thank you!

  4. I vote for #4 A Colourful Canvas - her entry is amazing!

  5. How do we cast a vote for our fave sew-along? I want to vote for #50 (because Dr. Seuss!!), but don't have a clue if just saying so in a comment actually counts? Is there supposed to be a clickable box/poll/chart/etc to vote for our sew-along favorite? Thanks for the help! Number 50! Dr. Seuss' killer shoes and a wonderfully fun dress! :D

    1. #50 is freaking awesome!

      The voting is different and kind of confusing this vote by clicking on the heart in the right corner of the thumbnail.

    2. Apparently something is not working properly, then. I want to vote for the Dr. Seuss dress with Dr. Seuss shoes (FanBloomingTastic), but there is not anything like a heart anywhere on any thumbnail. There are icons on the bottom of each thumbnail for social media links (Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter), but that is it. So, there is nowhere that a vote can be placed. That's very sad, as it's usually the case that if one person is having a problem, then multiple persons are having the same issue. *sad face*

  6. #42 hands down! I don't think the voting thing is working yet!!

    1. The voting is a little different this vote by clicking on the heart in the top corner of the photo that you like the best. Sorry it's kind of confusing!

  7. What time does voting close? Thanks!

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