Friday, February 21, 2014

Week #3 Results and Voting for the Sew Along Begins

What another amazing week it has been!
These women are killing us...I don't want this season to end...every week is simply fabulous!

Last night, after combining the voting results and the scores the ladies gave each other...
Our winner is.....
And sadly, we are losing our dear friend Sunni this week.....
We love Sunni....she seriously has some of the most amazing sewing skills that we have ever seen.  And her fitting?  WOWZA...that girl knows her way around a muslin and can fit clothes like nobody's business.

(We will be sending her a gift card for more fabric and sewing notions.)

Now...the time has come for you to look through all the fun (and this week they are nothing but fun) sew along entries and vote for your favorite look this week.  So click here:  If the Shoe Fits Sew Along Challenge and vote for your favorite!

(And then we will see you back here Monday for our final week of Season 3!)

***To vote on your favorite sew along entry simply click on the heart that appears on the top right hand corner of the thumbnail photo of your choice!***


  1. Thank you so much everyone that been following this season and voting on your favourite. Its been a sweet and sour moment as I really feel sad when we say goodbye to someone every week. Sunni was brilliant.

  2. I agree! I hate to see anyone go- and our selections dwindling down! I am inspired by all of the amazing bloggers and participants!