Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet the Designers: Liz from Cottons and Curls

I'm Liz Bryson, the creator of I'm very excited about joining Project Sewn this year! I started sewing in high school, where I would steal oversized tee shirts from my brother's room and alter them to fit me. Then I inevitably made my Senior year prom dress, where, of course, I didn't install a zipper and I had to sew myself into it and rip myself out of it, literally. But I made it and I designed it! I didn't know then that I was actually in love with sewing. It only took me till I bought my first sewing machine (after selling my car), that I realized I was hooked! More like obsessed. I sewed day and night. After a year of this, I needed to document my sewing endeavors and help other people discover their passion for sewing too. Let them discover that they could become their own designers.

Within the first few years of blogging, I became very busy with having/raising a few boys, living a semester in Shanghai China, and making the exciting decision to move to San Francisco to pursue a master's degree in fashion design at academy of art university. And despite all the craziness, I try to keep up with my blog and sewing. Sneaking away to sew a few minutes here and there. I'm excited to have be included with this challenge and to sew with so many talented ladies. Looking forward to the first challenge!


  1. I am SO looking forwards to your designs!

  2. I'm a fan! I can't wait to see what you make

  3. I can't wait to see what you make either! What a great background in design and sewing you have!