Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time to Vote: The Floral Frenzy Challenge

It's time to vote on your favorite "Floral Frenzy" creation! Read through each of the designers looks and then vote for your favorite! Cottons and Curls--Springy Peasant Wrap Dress


Another week and another theme...this time...my favorite. Floral! Since I've been born, floral is my go to favorite pattern. When I stumbled across this minty pink fabric at the thrift store, I knew I had to make it into something very feminine. Therefore, a peasant maxi dress was made! With a few scraps left. And I'm in love with it. I made this dress from draping on my dressform with a little mixture of a tutorial I did a few weeks back tutorial here.

A Lemon Squeezy Home---Moto Meets Floral
Moto Floral

For this week’s challenge I sewed a Lady Skater.  I paired this pretty floral with some Ponte stripes that I salvaged from a pencil skirt I made before.  I could have bought new fabric for the bodice, but there was nothing I liked quite as well with the floral as the Ponte I already had used from THIS skirt.  The only problem was that I didn’t have enough of the fabric leftover to make the bodice, so I sacrificed the skirt to use for the dress :).  I’m happy I did!  I love these fabrics together!  I had to piece the sleeves to get enough fabric to use.  Thankfully it worked.  The neckline is finished with the same floral from the skirt.  I love how the Skater fits so perfectly! 

Floral Skater Collage

I knew I wanted to pair floral with something a little edgy, so I bought the Burda Moto Jacket pattern, naively thinking it wouldn’t be as complicated as it looked.  It was complicated, and then some.  By the end of sewing this thing I was feeling like rather than me paying them for the pattern, they should pay me for sewing it, ha!  Just kidding...a little ;).  But seriously, this jacket was laborious.  There are 13 pattern pieces for the outer, and then you have 8 for the lining.  Oh my word this thing was difficult, mostly because you get one page of instructions.  I had read that Burda patterns were hard to understand, and boy were those people right.  But the designs—they are amazing!  So I don’t know that I’m going to be sewing any jackets this intense anytime in the near future, but I do love how amazing the design is.  Hard work but worth it.  I think that the hard work paid off.  I seriously love how this jacket turned out.  The seaming on this thing is incredible!  And of course, I lined it with some pretty floral fabric. 

Jacket Collage

Head on over to my blog A Lemon Squeezy Home for more pictures!

Groovy Baby and Mama---Something Up My Sleeve

So - floral frenzy you say. There is so much floral printed apparel fabric to choose from when you go fabric shopping but of course I had to fall for this polycotton black/gray interior fabric! Luckily it worked well for my project so I won't have to turn my dress into curtains or pillows!
There's a vintage vibe to this print making it perfect for a 50s style dress. My 'Mad Men' dress is based on the 'Emery Dress' pattern designed by Christine Haynes. It's the first time I've used this pattern. Perfection - that's all I have to say about this. This is without doubt the best fitting dress I've ever sewn. I made a size 10 and the changes I made to the fit itself are minor. I'm 5.10" and I always lengthen the skirt parts when I sew dresses. My upper body is a little short compared to the rest of me, so I only had to lengthen the bodice a teeny tiny bit. Not even sure it was necessary. And oh, I left out the lining and drafted a facing that extends all the way to the sleeve. That was it!!
Now for the changes on the design. And this is what I had up my (tulip) sleeve. Laugh, please. Or at least just smile a little at my bad joke. Since this is a floral theme I went floral all the way and drafted a little tulip sleeve for the dress. I think this fitted and flattering overlapped sleeve is great for a 50s style dress and just so comfortable to wear.
Let's turn around and see the other surprise. A little fold-back detail. It was actually my friend and pattern designer Marte's new Lotta Dress that inspired me. And when I did a little research on how to do this fold thing the best way I stumpled upon this great tutorial by Gertie.

To keep me comfy on those not always so warm Danish spring- and summer nights I made this oversized blanket  wool cocoon 'coatigan' . Pattern from Burda .Be sure to visit my blog for more photos and details.

Sewing in No Man's Land---Monet's Garden
Hi friends! Kelly here! This challenge was particularly hard for me. I am not a huge fan of floral print fabric on me. On others, TOTALLY, but on me, ehh. I struggle with sizing of the floral pattern, color combining etc. So, I decided to take a step back and attempt a more creative approach at the idea of "flower power". I asked myself what it was that made flowers have such a powerful impact: color, vibrance, the emotions they evoke etc. Then I thought about one of my favorite places on earth, Monet's Garden. I thought about how I love seeing the flowers bend in the breeze and the movement on the water in his ponds. The splashes of vibrant colors all around. I decided to take all these things and roll them up into my project. What is fun with this one is you get two outfits for the price of one! 2014-05-09_0007

2014-05-09_0001 ^^^The gorgeous silk skirt fabric is from Joann's Fabric^^^ That citron top? It is actually a dress! No worries about keeping your top tucked in! And if you want something a little less bold and attention grabbing, simply zip off the skirt, rotate your flower crown (because you totally wear one daily right?) and away you go! I was inspired by this swing dress and simply added lots of length to make a comfy maxi with sleeves (which I can never ever find). The fabric is from Girl Charlie and is super soft and comfy! We drove out to Monet's garden in Giverny and even though it was POURING rain I loved being there in the outfit(s) inspired by it. And yes, those are real live flowers on my head! I never smelled so good in my life! To see more pictures of the outfits and Monet's stunning home, hop on over to Sewing In No Mans Land.


Idle Fancy----Twice the May Flowers

Good morning, Project Sewn! I can't even tell you how much I loved this challenge. Floral fabrics are my number one sewing addiction. I live for a cute, flowery print! For this week, however, I wanted to push myself a bit more than usual. So, I made a piece that's long been on my wish list: a bright, floral trench coat. I found this gorgeous rayon linen-look blend, then paired it with Butterick 5966, a full-skirted princess seamed coat. Finished off with white gumball buttons, then lined in aqua pinstripe cotton, it's a feminine twist on my favorite classic.

A girl can't just wear a coat, however, can she? Luckily, I had this gorgeous embroidered cotton voile in my stash, waiting to be a sundress. After underlining this very delicate fabric, I turned it into a princess-seamed bodice and gathered skirt. The result is a light, airy sundress, with heavy floral embroidery running along the neckline and hem. I absolutely adore how it looks under the coat, with its scalloped hem just peeking out from the bottom. It's an outfit that's both classic, but feminine, which is my jam. I will be wearing both of these pieces for many springs to come! For more details and pictures, check out my blog, Idle Fancy.


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