Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time to Vote: Signature Style

Sewing in No Man's Land: Taking Notes
Hi friends! Kelly here. I still cannot believe I am here in the finale! This has been such an amazing, fun and stressful last four weeks. I have honestly been thinking about this last week since we were given the themes. Personal style is, at least for me, a hard thing to define. I feel like mine is constantly changing and evolving, especially since moving to Paris. Originally I thought about making a lace overlay dress in a muted pink or mint green. But it felt like that was almost too safe and typical of me. Instead, I decided to use my own skirt pattern, the Taking Notes pattern (you can find the link on Sewing In No Mans Land), for a fire engine red skirt. Instead of just gathering it, this time I first made large box pleats and then gathered. I felt like this gave it more structure. It is made in a gorgeous gaberdine fabric that has just enough stiffness and sheen. For the top I wanted something dressy but still fun and playful. I used THIS pattern from Burda but I toned the bow down a little, though I think the HUGE bow would be super cute as well. I love that it has a front slit opening so you don't have to worry about buttons or zippers. I chose a silk polka dot fabric that is so so soft. I have always been afraid to sew with silk. I also worried about it slipping and jamming etc. but in the end it wasn't bad at all! If you have shied away totally go for it! 2014-05-25_0003
Of course I had to make a coat. Any excuse ha! I fell in love with the asymmetrical buttons in THIS coat. I hacked the pattern a bit so that I could make it from a water proof gaberdine instead of wool (though I will for sure be making a wool one in the future). I don't own very much red but I love it in pops and the piping certainly pops. Especially when paired with the red pocket lining. I also used a red striped bias tape to cover the seams on the inside. The buttons are from a vintage button shop where I spent way to much time agonizing over which of the millions of buttons to choose. In the end I feel like this outfit screams me. Classic to the core with a punch of color and a touch of mod. 2014-05-25_0002
To see some more fun detail pictures and hear about the crazy work it took to make that trench hop on over to Sewing In No Mans Land! Thank you so much for coming back week after week! And also thank you to all our house guests who sat next to me late a night taking with me while I sewed. And a huge thank you to my hubby who had to make way to many dinners after long days at work. What a crazy ride it has been!

Groovy Baby and Mama:  Leopard & Leatherette
Hi, it's Trine - ready for the final week of Project Sewn.  This is my Signature Style look, casual yet with a touch of roaaar!! I'm a big fan of maxi dresses and wear them all year round - especially the comfy jersey ones. So, naturally I had to make one for my final look. Soft drapey gray jersey with black speckles. I used the McCalls's 6744 as base for my dress, but changed both skirt part and sleeves to get it just as I prefer!
And now for the touch of roaaaaar. My jacket. How I love my new jacket. The shell is a gray/black leopard printed poly/cotton and it's paired with a black quilted lining. To add even more coolness to the jacket I chose to do leatherette pockets. The edge is finished with black knitted binding. The pattern used for this jacket is from a Danish fabric and pattern shop - Stof & Stil (Fabric & Style in English). I took in the sleeves a lot as they were far too wide for my liking. Now I have my perfect spring jacket!
Finally I have a confession to make. I've had my own secret mission with Project Sewn which was to make a new Mix & Match wardrobe for myself. And I've succeeded! It's been so much fun participating in this series. Thank you so much for hosting this, Simple Simon & Co, and for inviting me - I'm so grateful. If you want to see more pictures of my Signature Style look and my new Mix & Match wardrobe please visit my blog Groovy Baby and Mama

Lemon Squeezy Home: Comfortable Staples

Hello everyone!  First off, let’s be honest and just state right up front that my go-to outfit is jeans and a tee. Nearly every day.  But each Sunday when I dress up for church, it’s fun and I like to feel a little dolled up.  So I decided to make some basic and comfortable staples.  I love blazers.  A whole lot because you can wear them with dresses, skirts, or throw them over a tee with some jeans for instant style.  And what more comfortable blazer can you have than one made from sweatshirt fleece knit?  I used the latest women’s Ottobre issue (2/2014) for the blazer and I seriously love it so much.  It is so comfortable and so versatile and I will be wearing it often.  


I love me a great pencil skirt I decided to go with one of those (after making a couple other pieces I didn’t love, more on my blog about that!).  Green is my favorite color and I almost went with green, but I was drawn over and over to this floral pattern, and I already have 2 green pencil skirts ;).  I drafted my own pencil skirt and found a great tutorial HERE for doing so.  It fits fabulously.  I used an existing skirt to figure out the fun pleated kick in the back.  And it turned out which was a relief :).   The shirt was made using the bodice of the lady skater and just lengthening it. 

Signature Style Look

Head to A Lemon Squeezy Home for lots more detailed shots! 


  1. Well, you are ALL just AMAZING!! Congratulations!!

  2. Yes. You. Are. Mean. (LOL) - in the meantime, I went to vote on the Signature Style sew-alongs, only I couldn't - the check mark pops up after I've clicked the link to view the source page, but the hearts are not showing up for some reason. I'm hoping that maybe it's just my computer/cache/internet-stupidness, but thought I'd bring it to your attention in case there was an error in coding or something.