Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Dream of Sewing Spaces.....

I am working on getting a sewing space together this summer (and it's probably going to take me all summer...I am so slow) but I am dreaming of simple and white.  I spent a long time browsing Pinterest looking for simple white sewing spaces that still had a lot of character and found my favorite five....
I love the wooden shelf in this space.  It's so functional and clean looking.
The whole wall of pegboards and chairs are to die for in this space.  (Not that I need so many chairs but I love them all in a row ;)
The light in this space speaks for itself.
This space is the tiniest shed but it is adorable.  Love the white and wood look.
Notions on the wall as art?  Genius.


  1. I also love looking at sewing spaces. I love getting ideas for my own space. the ones above proves that vhite wall are not boring. They can be made to be beautiful.

  2. Fantastic inspiration! I'm a huge fan of white work spaces --- both my sewing room and my ceramic studio are deliberately all white (mostly furnished with secondhand and/or found pieces that I've given a few coats of glossy white paint). Even though I adore color, the lack of visual clutter in a brightly lit white room allows me to focus more fully on the project at hand, as well as ponder future projects without distraction. Does that make sense?

    Looking forward to seeing how your new sewing space turns out --- have loads of fun!