Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Trends 2014: The A Line

A look that we have been seeing everywhere for this fall is the A Line.
A Line dresses and skirts have been around forever but this season they seem to be coming in with a vengeance.  Especially with all the 60's mod inspired looks that are taking over the fashion world.
What do you think...are you welcoming or dreading this new trend?


  1. I can't believe that it is time for the Gucci Mod Revival Revival! I loved their first Mod collection ('96?) and this one is also great. The coats especially are fabulous (and the October Burda has a pea coat that will work well to sew your own). These A-line shapes are universally flattering and it's great to see them back in Vogue. It's just funny to me that a big chunk of the fashion world is now endlessly recycling old ideas rather than coming up with something dramatically "now." I can't' think of a definitive 2000s look - the last era that had a "look" was the '90s with minimalism.

  2. Not welcoming. A-lines tend to look wider on the body, and personally, I don't need that! They look cute, but not for me.

  3. Well I like a-line skirts. They always looked good on all body styles. Now if people don't make them to short it will be ok. Think about going upstairs. If the dress or skirt is to short people can see your underware at the angle that stairs are. Most adults don't think of this. Now days I see teenagers at school and boys love to be behind them going up stairs. What a site they get each class change. THINK, THINK about the length please.

  4. Welcoming! It is a look that is flattering on me as opposed to figure hugging. (Go figure then that I am literally making a figure-hugging Nettie right now HA)