Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project Sewn Season 3 Starts MONDAY!!!

Season 3 starts Monday and we can't wait!
We are not only looking forward to seeing what our amazing group of designers have made but to what you have made as well!
We are ready to share, be inspired, and simply have a good time.
Let's get this party started....
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet the Designers: Lauren from lladybird

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I blog over at LLADYBIRD. I live in Nashville with my boyfriend, Landon, and our antisocial cat, Amelia Earhart. I've dabbled in sewing for as long as I can remember - I even had a little sewing box that I would carry around the house with me when I was 6, ha - but I didn't really get ~serious~ about it until around 2006, when I was 20.

I'd done lots of alterations on my thrifted clothes, and very VERY basic pattern making in an attempt to make skirts out of quilting cotton, and I decided on a whim that I was going to actually try to sew a dress from a Simplicity pattern. It took me a lot of swearing and hairpulling (plus a few frantic calls - "Mommmmmmm, what is stay-stitching, what does that mean??"), but I powered through, and the end result made me so proud of myself that I sewed that pattern over and over for the next year. Thank god I eventually branched out :)

Nowdays, I like to sew pretty much everything I wear - except underwear (I think that's fixin' to change soon, tho, haha!). I especially love sewing with knits and undertaking large, complex projects - such as coatmaking. I LOVE coatmaking! My other big clothing-making passion is knitting! I learned how a couple of years ago, and I've cranked out over a dozen sweaters since then :) Sewing will also be my first love, of course, but knitting - knitting is < i>portable! I also love riding my bicycle, painting, playing SNES, and watching terrible documentaries while eating yogurt-covered pretzels. What can I say - I live a charmed life ;) I'm so excited to be participating in Project Sewn this season - I can't wait to share my makes with y'all, and I REALLY can't wait to see what the other contestants cook up! I think we're in for a pretty amazing time ;)
Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet the Designers: oona from oonaballoona

Oh HAI.  My name is oonaballoona, and I have a problem.  AND PROJECT SEWN IS TOTALLY ENABLING IT.

But really, I can't place all the blame on Elizabeth & liZ.  I've been a sewing addict for seven years running now (and no itch in sight).  It all started when Ruggy and I moved briefly to LA, land of actors. A dear friend told me: if you want to stay sane out here, get a hobby.  And for once I did what I was told. Immediately, it was clear that sewing was going to be much more than a hobby.  It was an instant obsession.  I didn't have to wear the whims of chain stores anymore, I could literally wear my heart on my multicolored sleeve.

My addiction has been well documented on my blog, oonaballoona, which was initially created to share our LA adventures with our family.  In fact, oonaballoona from kalkatroona is one of many nicknames bestowed upon me by my parents as a wee girl-- marcy carsy and moosie catoosie also made appearances.  These multiple monikers were certainly harbingers of my schizophrenic style to come. Add actress to the equation, and you have a tipsy combination that sometimes sends fashion sense (or maybe sense of any kind?) running for the hills.

Joyfully, life has found us (mainly) back in New York for some time now, but when the cold starts to creep in, I struggle with how to keep my personal style going.  And oh, Project Sewn, you beautiful enabler, you're pushing me to bring all the things I love into my winter wardrobe: Color. Fancy. Irrationality. Noise. Fun.  Y'ALL ARE THE BEST PUSHERS EVER. 

So here's to making what we wear, and wearing what we like, whatever that may be... I raise my happily full glass to alla y'all!
Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet the Designers: Kathleen from Grosgrain Fabulous

Hey, Kathleen from Grosgrain here! I like to describe myself as an artsy craftsy, penny pinching, party planning, play dating, fashion finding, sci-fi loving, stay at home mother of three little girls and one little boy who always keeps her sewing machine plugged in and loves all things charming.

I sewed a lot of my own clothes in college just because I was short on money and really longed for some things I could not afford. Then when I entered the work force I sort of stopped sewing clothes and mostly stuck to curtains and slipcovers. After I had my second child in 2007 I was able to quit my job and stay home with them full time. But with just one household income I again found myself short on money but longing for the pretty things. At that time it was children's dresses mostly. So I started sewing again, only this time, for my girls, which was so much more rewarding than slipcovers. I started Grosgrain to journal my work and the rest is history.

Now that my two older girls are in school and have a say about their wardrobe which doesn't always match my tastes (think Nickelodeon sitcom) I sew mostly for myself. I also blog about any other creative adventure I find myself wrapped up in- household projects, cleaning tips, family vacations, hair styles. And I've been finding myself blogging about sewing less and less which is why I'm so psyched about February! It's only 10 degrees here in Pennsylvania. Perfect time to stay inside and sew;-)
Friday, January 24, 2014

Meet the Designers: Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch


Hello there! I'm Sunni and that's pronounced like the weather forecast, sunny. I'm the gal behind A Fashionable Stitch. I'm a pretty obsessive sewing lady and have a pretty strong fetish for fine apparel fabric. To prove it, I purchased a brick and mortar fabric store this past December. You know what they say, "She who dies with the most fabric, wins." I came to the realization a few years ago that what I would love to sew and what I wear on a daily basis are two different things and so, I'll be making jazzed up versions of my daily uniform. What can I say? Many times practicality wins me over. If I had to define my style, I would say that I'm a prep. I love preppy looks, so I'm sure you'll be seeing your fair share from me. I am a former classically trained flute player and now I spend my days running a fabric shop (both online and in person), keeping up with my ever growing list of sewing projects and living the life with my mister. I couldn't be happier to be participating in Project Sewn, especially with all these lovely ladies! Here's to February and the lovely mini wardrobe I'll have at the end of it. Hip Hip Hooray!
Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet The Designers: Rachel from House of Pinheiro

Ola, my name is Rachel and I write over House of Pinheiro. I’m originally from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. I moved to the UK in 2005 while working for a big multinational company. Met my fellow, a.k.a HRH, 6 months after arriving in the country. We got officially engaged over Christmas. Don't ask me If I’m sewing my wedding dress yet, let’s find out how I get on with Project Sewn first. I’m excited, terrified and of course, feeling privileged to be taking part among people I admire and follow.
I am relatively new to the world of sewing, starting in the end of 2009. There were always a quiet desire about making my own stuff but not having the time was my biggest excuse. After suffering a serious back problem, I decided to change my quality of life. I followed my biggest desire, to learn how to sew. Today I consider myself a sewing fanatic. Having the opportunity to travel the UK to meet other ‘sewing people’ with the same passion and interests is one of my favourite perks of our hobby. I have a fabric stash that has outgrown my life expectancy and no will power to stop adding to it. My biggest sewing inspiration is my grandmother Rosa. She died when I was around 10 years old so I never had the chance to share my passion with her. She raised 7 children alone. Transforming hand-me-downs from family relatives into beautiful outfits and creatively making everything she could. A true make do and mend strong woman. 

Let's have loads of fun together this season. I hope you sewing along.
Rachel (houseOFpinheiro)
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meet The Designers: Alida from Alida Makes

Hey y'all! I'm Alida and I blog at Alida Makes. I'm a Southern girl and a lover of all things colorful. My blog focuses a lot on sewing for children because I have have 4 of them! 

My husband is a doctor, and his schedule right now is pretty hectic, so sewing is my therapy. When all the children go to bed and the house is quiet I love to sip my wine and stitch away into the wee hours. Then in the morning I wake up and think "why didn't I go to bed?!" But I know the answer: because sewing is my passion. 

My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine 6 years ago and helped me make one pattern. After that I was hooked. I learned most of what I know from Youtube videos and blog tutorials (and learning the hard way…I'm pretty good at that.) I started my blog as a way to chronicle my projects, and it kind of spiraled from there. Life happened, and the blog has evolved a lot in the last 4 years. I wouldn't change a thing.

One more thing you should know about me: I love to change my hair. And sometimes I let my readers pick my next haircut. So come check out Alida Makes! It's a fun place to hang out!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Season 3 Officially Begins Wednesday!!!

Season 3 of Project Sewn unofficially begins on Wednesday when we will start meeting the designers.
This season is going to be
So stay tuned...
(And thank you...thank you...thank you or linking up all of your favorite projects from last year.
You ladies are AMAZING!!!)
Monday, January 13, 2014

The Best Item That I Sewed For Myself Last Year Was....

Behind the scenes we (as in the contestants) are busy getting ready for Season 3 which begins next month. 
But until the season begins we want to see what you've been up to!  So.... we decided to have a little party...a little linky party that is.  And ask you to share: 

That's right!
We want you to link to your favorite item that you sewed for yourself last year.
What was it?  A shirt, some hot pants, a great dress???
Whatever it is, we want to see it.
So to review---something you made for yourself last year....that you love.
Now let's get to it!
(We are anxious to see what you made!)
Thursday, January 9, 2014

Because we know you want the themes.....

Did you already see who our designers are for Season 3?'s going to be fantastic!
And today we get to announce the themes and the dates.  Even better news.
In case you are joining us for the first time, we would LOVE for you to sew along with us.  Each Monday morning we will open up a linky party for the week's challenge and you will have until Thursday to link up your creation based on that week's theme.  No, you do not have to have a blog to join can link up on flickr as well.....because the more, the merrier!  On Friday of that same week, the linky party voting options will be turned on where blog readers will get to choose their favorite and that winner will be announced as the Sew-Along winner on the following Monday.
Look for that first linky party to open on Monday, February 3rd!
And now....the themes.......
Week #1 (Feb.3)--Fashion Icon Challenge: choose a favorite fashion icon and let the inspiration for your outfit begin from there!
Week #2 (Feb.10) --Make It Pink: from rose, fuchsia, to blush, bubblegum, or neon---think pink! (and your style of course)
Week #3 (Feb. 17)--"If the shoe fits" Challenge: use a favorite pair of shoes from your own closet (or some new ones for Christmas!) as an inspiration for your outfit
Week #4 (Feb.24)-- Signature Style week:  Make something that is your strength as a seamstress and unique to your style!
It's going to be a great season! 
And now....let the inspiration (and sewing) begin.....
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And the Season #3 designers are....

We are so excited that Season 3 is coming up quickly in February!
And we are even more excited because today we get to introduce you to the Project Sewn Season 3 Designers.......
They are:
Lauren from Lladybird
Alida from Alida Makes
Rachel from House of Pinheiro
oona from oonaballoona
Kathleen from Grosgrain Fabulous
Fantastic, right?  We are thrilled that each of them said yes.
And please come back on Thursday......because we will have all the themes and the dates for all of Season 3 so you can begin sewing along at home as well.  WAHOOO--we all get to do some sewing for ourselves!!!!
See you then....