Friday, February 28, 2014

Sew Along Voting!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  Wasn't this season absolutely spectacular?  Seriously.  We can't thank each of our designers enough for their talent, hard work and sheer style that they put into this season!  They were absolutely amazing.

We know that on Friday's we normally give the results....but we aren't quite done with this season because we need to find our Signature Style Sew-Along winner.  So, you need to go and vote!

Head here to "heart" your favorite look (which counts as your vote!) and we will share all of our Season 3 winners on Monday!  Have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to go and  vote!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time To Vote: Signature Style!

There is nothing to say but "wow".  The ladies this season have been nothing short of amazing.
And this week is no exception.  A huge thank you to all of them for being a part of another amazing season.  Now it's time to caste your vote!!!
Alida Makes---Effortless Chic

Hey y'all! I'm so honored to be here for the final Project Sewn Challenge! This challenge is all about our signature style, so I created a look that is effortless and chic because that is what my style is all about. I am a mom of 4, I don't have time for fussy, complicated outfits. This look is easy to throw on, run out the door and look fabulous: wide leg dark wash jeans, a flowy blouse, and a killer bag.

The jeans are my pride and joy right now! I created them using the Jamie Jeans pattern. Since that's a skinny jeans pattern I had to do some modifications! I widened the legs and made the waistline an inch higher. They fit like a glove! With wide leg pants length is so important (especially if you were not gifted with long legs!), so I hemmed them to juuust graze the floor. The Jamie Jeans pattern has an option to use a contrasting fabric for the pocket panel, but I decided to use glitter ribbon to add some sparkle!  The inside of the pocket is the same Liberty of London fabric from my skirt in the last challenge. Can you see it peeking out in the middle photo? The blouse is self-drafted. I bought about 4 yards of this beautiful patterned chiffon with grand plans for a maxi dress, but nothing I tried to do with that fabric worked out! You should see all the half-finished pieces that are littering my sewing room right now. Anyway, I ultimately decided that a little chiffon goes a long way. I pieced together the top to add a contrast in the middle yoke. The bottom of the blouse is a vintage knit blend. I'm not exactly sure what it is! It came from my husband's grandmother's stash, and probably dates back to the 70s or 80s.  The bag, oh the bag! I saw one like it on Pinterest and I just had to make one. I will have a tutorial coming up on the blog (after I take a breath!) It was actually really easy to make and only took about an hour. 

It's so hard to show you the outfit in 3 pictures, but I think you can get an idea. Please hop on over to my blog and look at more pictures!


Oonaballoona: Orange Colored Sky

The sewing in Kalkatroona has been nonstop, speech is becoming a lost art.  But when words fail you, you can always let your style speak for you instead.  Mine hollers in a slightly tipsy, off balance, brain bellowing technicolor tone.  Please excuse its rudeness-- it has no manners, I can't seem to contain it.

When asked about my signature style, I find it hard to pin down.  It has a split personality: wild, with a little classic thrown in.  Fittingly, the song that ran through my head during the frenzied stitching of this diddy was the ever classic Nat King Cole's completely insane rendition of "Orange Colored Sky." My style of sewing is also splintered-- my first love is to drape a garment, completely from scratch.  So I draped the dress.  This piped, padded, horsehaired, boned dress started out as two yards of cotton fabric, neon pink cord and gold chiffon, and me n' my dressform had our way with it.  But I also have a love affair with beautifully drafted indie patterns, and that's what this coat is: the Ralph Pink cocoon coat (with a few veers in the path along the way), made up in gray boiled wool, gold studs... and that weird metallic stuff you spy is a cut up couture placemat. 

This has been an honor, a blast, a supercharged jolt to my passion for sewing and the ever passionate sewing community!  Thank you Elizabeth and liZ, and to all the lovely ladies sewing along, I tip my hat to you. Although I can't really wear a hat.  The hair prevents it.  I hope to see you over at my blog, oonaballoona, where as usual I'll have more hollering and more shots of this look!  CHEERS, Y'ALL!

House of Pinheiro: Troubador

I wanted to incorporate everything that encompass my personal style. My love for fitted clothes, interesting design lines and prints. Classic with a twist. Some of you may have seen this design before. My dress is the same catwalk pattern from Giles Deacon “The Troubadour dress” - shown in his A/W 2007 catwalk show. His sexy deep emerald double duchess silk. Mine is made out of cotton sateen. The dress has a square neckline, 6 pieces sleeves, a raised back neck and the front and back panels pieces wrap around. No last minute side seam adjustments on fit. The 2 sleeves elbow pattern pieces look like bow ties. Sewn together, when the dress is just hanging, the sleeve has a 3D fold like there is an elbow there. Insanely cool! 

 A few times while I was sewing the dress I felt I was going mad.I didn't had time to make a muslin so I trusted the ‘power of the tape measure.’ To be honest I never ever imagined that I would get this far so I didn't made plans to have much sewing time, leaving me with only 30 hour window to make my final outfit. Taped the pattern the night before and sewn all day from 9 am till 3 am, leaving only the invisible zipper, hem and final touches to do the next day. Felt like I was in my own project runway dream. Tim Gunn may have popped in my head a few times saying “make it work” every time I had to redo those annoying joining seams. Review details and photos over House of Pinheiro. You can download the troubadour pattern (size 10) free with other 8 designers on Show Studio. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Week #4: Signature Style

And so we've come to our 4th and final week of Project Sewn Season 3.
What a crazy amazing season this has been!!!
As always our final week is all about:

This is the time that the designers (and you who are sewing along) get a chance to showcase individual tastes, talents, strengths, and personality's as both designers and seamstresses.

And we have to tell you...this week is going to be FABULOUS!!!!

Now...before we get to the linky party and start seeing all of your looks we need to announce the winner of last weeks sew along.

And that would be:
Recently Risa's Faux Navajo Dress!
(Love this dress...and those shoes!)

Congratulations!  We will be sending you a gift card for more fabric and sewing supplies!!! know what time it is!  Time to link up your Signature Style looks for the week...what you've made that reflects your own personal style:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Week #3 Results and Voting for the Sew Along Begins

What another amazing week it has been!
These women are killing us...I don't want this season to end...every week is simply fabulous!

Last night, after combining the voting results and the scores the ladies gave each other...
Our winner is.....
And sadly, we are losing our dear friend Sunni this week.....
We love Sunni....she seriously has some of the most amazing sewing skills that we have ever seen.  And her fitting?  WOWZA...that girl knows her way around a muslin and can fit clothes like nobody's business.

(We will be sending her a gift card for more fabric and sewing notions.)

Now...the time has come for you to look through all the fun (and this week they are nothing but fun) sew along entries and vote for your favorite look this week.  So click here:  If the Shoe Fits Sew Along Challenge and vote for your favorite!

(And then we will see you back here Monday for our final week of Season 3!)

***To vote on your favorite sew along entry simply click on the heart that appears on the top right hand corner of the thumbnail photo of your choice!***
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time to Vote: If the Shoe Fits!

Alright's time to vote!

The theme was "If the shoe fits" and designers were asked to select a pair of shoes and create a look to wear with (and was inspired by) them!
Here's what they've made.  Read through their designs and then vote for you favorite!

Oonaballona: Menage a Shoe

The peeps who wrapped these glorious sky high wedges were all about print matching, and I'm all about print mixing, so I decided to do a little of both.

Yes, there are three prints going on up in here, and the materials I used required three tons of print patience: bias enclosed chevrons to the left of me, horsehaired pleats to the right...bits of dissected and reattached guipere lace, handsewn to make a perfectly matched bolero... all with strep throat as my unwanted companion.  FUN.  In my fevered mind, this Mexican cotton, French lace and Ikat kicks were the perfect threesome.
Oh yeah, and I yarnbombed a pair of gold hoop earrings to cap it off.  As you do.  The height of these skyscrapers demanded I play with proportions: "taller" skirt, way taller hair, teeny jacket...or maybe the meds were doing it, cause y'all, shoes don't talk.  I'll be describing much more of this week's efforts on my blog, oonaballoona, along with some guts for ya, come by and have a drink! Swear I'm not contagious!

A Fashionable Stitch:  dapper

This has got to be one of my favorite outfits I've ever worn. I've always, always wanted to mix prints effortlessly and in this outfit, I think I achieved a pretty fabulous balance of print, pattern, texture and color. It definitely has a bit of genius in it. The shoes provided the backdrop to this week's challenge and I'm pretty sure, you could wear just about anything with animal print. They make a really exciting statement (I love me some animal print!) and these in particular are surprisingly comfortable to boot!

The lace pencil skirt is my own self drafted skirt. This lace was unbelievably expensive when I bought it, but I had to have it. It's unusual that I even like lace to be honest, so when I see a piece that I like, it gets to me. I paired it with a 4-ply silk crepe as an underlay, and its lined in bemberg rayon lining with a petersham ribbon waistband. Definitely did not skimp on the skirt. The shirt is Simplicity 2339 (now sadly, out of print) and one of my TNT's. Made from a Liberty of London cotton lawn, I was surprised to see these two items pair so well together. My jacket is not 100% made by me. It's my favorite jacket ever and I've had it for years (the green jacket from challenge #1 is the exact replica of this jacket). It had come to the point where I had to re-line it and so I did. I completely undid the lining, unpicked the pieces, cut the new pieces from the old pieces and put it all back together again. It's a lot of work actually and so I've included it in this outfit as part of the challenge. I mean, it pulls the whole thing together! And you know, I'm all about a good jacket!

You should definitely hop on over to A Fashionable Stitch for more, plus pics of me and my sweetie, whose jacket I also re-lined and tailored. What can I say, it was Valentine's Day!

House of Pinheiro:  Conexao Copacabana

Did you know we are fast approaching Carnival? I'm dreaming of Rio right now. Oh! the warmth of weather, happy music, and street parties. Teleport me now please! Using my Copacabana shoe geometric print as my inspiration, I drafted my whole outfit.  Brazilian's shirts are tight, short and worn open to show our bikinis underneath. The yoke patch pockets have a central pleat, close with a flap and a black & white pokadot button. The shirt has a Johnny collar, a hidden contrasting flap for the buttons and 3/4 sleeves. The flat is decorated with leather piping. Because the shoe has a "black nose" I thought would be fun to add a black band over the sleeves and secure it with a tab, to give the same aesthetics as the curved hemline.  

Both my fabrics came from my home town: Brasilia. The shirt is sewn in linen and the trousers in cotton sateen. My favourite fabrics to wear during the summer. My high waist trousers feature a fly zipper front, high waist and a slim overlapping waistband.  Instead of a button, a hook and eye was used to secure the overlapping. I opted for a straight leg instead of a slim cigarette because of the proportion of the shirt. Are you ready to join me in Copacabana?  Here is your caipirinha and let's catch up on details about this outfit over the blog.

Alida Makes:  I've Got the Blues

I love shoes! For this challenge we were supposed to choose a pair of our shoes and design an outfit inspired by them. I chose my L.L. Bean rain boots, because every Southern girl has a pair and we love to wear them with raincoats and flirty skirts! (I did 2 photo shoots for this outfit, thus the different colored tights.) I decided that I wanted to make a trench coat to go with them, but here's my thing with trench coats: when it rains, your head gets wet. So what exactly is the point of them? I have a couple trench coats but never wear them! This trench coat, I decided, would have a hood.

The trench coat pattern is Burda Trench Coat #118. I modified it by adding the hood. The outer fabric is from the Target sheet section of all places. I love using Target sheets for fabric because they are thick but soft and come in such pretty patterns! After completing the jacket I waterproofed it with a waterproofing spray. The lining is a thick polyester blend. The shirt underneath is the Casual Lady Top pattern by Go To Patterns. The skirt is just a simple skirt with an elastic waist band. The exciting thing about the skirt is that I finally got to courage to cut into my Liberty Of London fabric! I love this print because it just looks like a rainy day. I love it so much I even used it as an accent on the jacket. Can you spot it?

I have many more pictures and details on my blog, so hop on over and see the rest of the story!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #3: "If the Shoe Fits" Challenge (and week #2 sew-along results)

Welcome to Week 3 of Project Sewn Season 3!
This season has been insane!!!
The designs...the photography...the fashion...and this week isn't going to be any different.
(We CAN NOT wait to show you what the ladies have come up with this are going to love it!)
But before we reveal their looks tomorrow we first need to announce the theme for this week which is:
"If the shoe fits"
What does that mean?
That means choose an amazing pair of shoes that you love and sew up a little something fabulous to go with them. 
Do they have to be heels? 
No way!!!  Boots, slippers, flip-flops, keds...what's your feet and your choice!
And we are dying to see what all of you make!
(This is going to be so much fun!)
Now...before we get to the linky party and all of your goodness for this week we need to announce the winner of the sew along for our "Think Pink" challenge last week.
And the winner is....

Congratulations!  We will be sending you a gift card to buy more sewing supplies with!
Now....let's get this party started!  Please link up your "If the Shoe Fits" designs to the linky party below:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Week #2 Results and the Sew Along Voting Begins!

Wowie-ka-zowie....what another awesome week it has been in Project Sewn history.  When we were setting out the themes for this season and realized it would be Valentine Week, we just knew that we had to do something special.  And then we decided it had to be pink....but we didn't know what the outcome would be.
And pink our designers did----and did it extra-ordinarily well!  It makes me want to sew more hot pink for myself!  And the photography?  Each week it just keeps getting better and better!  Thanks designers for sharing all your hard work and talents with us...we are so inspired.
But, it's Friday and that means---results day.  So without further adieu, let's get down to business.  The voting each week consists of 50% readers' poll (so thank you for voting!) and 50% of the contestants scoring each other (they can't vote for their own).  And after the scores were added up......
The winner of our "Make it Pink Challenge" this week is Rachel from House of Pinheiro with her Pinkheiro da Bomb outfit!
Congratulations Rachel!!!!
And sadly, we are saying goodbye to Kathleen from Grosgrain this week.  But her presence and outfit will certainly be missed.  Her hot pink sequined pants are to die for!!!!!!  And we know that she is going to be rocking them for Valentine's Day today!
A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Kathleen for coming on this adventure of Project Sewn with us.  She is a class-act blogger and has so much designer talent!!!!!  Thank you Kathleen....we adore you.
And luckily Kathleen is not leaving PS empty-handed.  She will be receiving a gift certificate for all her hard work from
Thanks Michael Levin Fabrics!!!!!
And now, the linky party is open to vote for your favorite Sew Along outfit!  Head here to vote.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time to Vote! Make it Pink Challenge....

Grosgrain: Pop the Cork, Blush and Bubbly Pants

Hey y'all! Kathleen from Grosgrain here again! I think I knew what I wanted to do this week long before I even got the Project Sewn challenge. It just so happened to be exactly what I wanted to sew. How many times in life does that happen?! I wanted to sew a pair sequin pants for Valentine's Day. It's been so INCREDIBLY cold here in the east that I couldn't imagine wearing a dress anywhere on Valentine's Day. But I wasn't going to let THAT stop me from dressing for the occasion!
They're tightly fitted like leggings but I made these pants with a zipper fly and waistband. Stick around later this week. I'll be sharing the pattern I used to make these pants! I'm thinking of adding pockets to the pattern. What do you think? You can also use this pattern to make leggings. I'll be sharing both versions. The zip fly and the no zip.
So what will you be wearing for your Valentine's night out? A pair of blush and bubblies perhaps;-)

A Fashionable Stitch: pink walrus
Why pink walrus? I have no idea! This week has been one of those weeks where nothing strings together or happens the way you think its going to. So you guys, I'm BACK with another jacket/trouser combo. And a haircut! I feel kind of like a punk in this jacket. I mean, let's be real here. It's an awesome fuschia - oh how I LOVE fuschia - and if you didn't already know, this is the Kaisla Jacket from Named's latest output of patterns. Those ladies seriously outdid themselves again! This jacket has that edgy/modern feel and I'm dying over how many fitting alterations I made to the muslin - one. Yup. One!!!! Couple things. I opted to go vent-less for this jacket. I love me a good vent, but sewing those suckers (with a lining....) can cramp my style and I didn't have time for cramping, so no vent. Additionally, I drafted my own lining from the shell because, well I have a certain way I like my linings to go in. I did a silk print in the sleeve and I chose a purpley acetate/silk blend hollywood lining for the body.
My trousers are BurdaStyle #129B. They're a stretch trouser, something I've been looking for for awhile. I made them up in a stretch cotton sateen and couldn't be happier with the outcome. They have a fly front and side slant pockets. Really comfortable and they go perfectly with a little heel or a flat. Oh and did I mention versatile? These could like go with everything! Yessss!!
Want more deets? Of course you do! Hop on over to my blog for the latest! 

House of Pinheiro: PinKeiro da Bomb
To say I struggled with this week theme would be an understatement. 

Approaching this experience more as personal challenge, I wrote for each week a different personal goal: Last week was tailoring and drafting, this week was sewing 'unusual to me' fabrics.  Started with a lace and suede elisalex dress but was not feeling the love, hand sewn a chiffon gown. Long story short, it was tho mystical and girly. On the positive side, I achieved the goal of using a different fabrics I haven't  before. Check the sob story over my blog later and let's focus on Da BOMB over my back.
The belted wrap coat , was sewn in wool felt and is made from the most incredible bright pink fabric I have ever seen. The large collar was pimped oversize. Seams finishes were a mix of welt, flat fell and black satin bias for contrast. The belt was made with real leather. The modified button back top is the Kanerva, fresh from named new spring collection. Used contrasting thread keyhole buttonholes and heart shape buttons, and topstitched leatherette geometric cut outs to add texture. The A line high waistline of the ginger skirt, finished with hong kong seams, was the perfect complement. Interestingly how you pay more attention to the balance of shapes and design lines using monochrome fabric. This outfit has a powerful street urban feel with the coat but a sexy elegant glamour at the same time because the length of the sleeves and hem. I am in love with this outfit because is ME. Did you liked the big hair? More pictures and outfit details here.

Alida Makes: Paint It Pink

It's pink week! I love pink, but I honestly don't wear it very often. I went through this phase in my 20s in which I wore hot pink in pretty much every outfit, and I got tired of it.  Well it's been several years now so I say it's time to bring back the PINK! I've been searching for the perfect hot pink skinny jeans for almost a year now, so I knew instantly I wanted to make those. Figuring out the rest of the outfit, however, was decidedly harder. I finally landed on this beautiful yellow tribal knit for a tank top and a black blazer with (p)leather accents.
The blazer is the Bellatrix Blazer Pattern by Papercut Patterns. The main blazer is made of black stretch poplin. I didn't have quite enough to make the sleeves so I decided to do something crazy and make the middle portion of the sleeves out of faux leather. I was pretty nervous because a) I was afraid it would look goofy and b) I was afraid I wouldn't be able to bend my arms. Thankfully, I love the final result! The blazer is lined with white fabric with gold polkadots and finished off with a hot pink button. The tank was self-drafted. The fabric on the front is a yellow tribal knit and the back of the tank is black knit. I used a freezer paper stencil to paint a pink heart on the bottom so it would peek out of the bottom of the jacket. The jeans are the Jamie Jeans Pattern by Named Clothing. They fit like a dream and I love the color!  
I have a bazillion more pictures to share, so hop on over to Alida Makes and get the rest of the story!

Oonaballoona: Pinky and the Brain
oonaballoona project sewn pink
The challenge: from rose, fuchsia, to blush, bubblegum, or neon---think pink! Well, after this second challenge, there's not much else I can think of, as I took the description quite literally and used every shade of pink I could find.  The inside of my brain looks (and at the moment,  feels) like cotton candy, I am sure. Especially since I ditched my first attempt last Mondayish and finished this girlie about twenty minutes before I took these photos.
oonaballoona project sewn pink
Keeping in line with the way my brain works, I used the wrong side of this lurex-- the blue pops through on the reverse and only heightens the cornucopia of wildly blushing color-- and in a rare move I used a pastel pink for a crinoline.  Pastel!  I even have pastel in my stash?!  And that's a magenta horsehair hem, because, naturally.  The bodice is a zippered blouse from Burda Magazine (07-08, #104) and the skirt is completely made up out of my brain.  Did I mention my brain yet?oonaballoona project sewn pink
Once again, there's so much to say and so little time and space to say it, so do swing on by my blog, oonaballoona, for a shiny two more tons of pink lipped service!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week #2: Make it Pink Week (and the sew along results from Week #1)

Our sew along winner from last week is....

Congratulations!  She will be receiving a $25 gift card from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Stores!

And now to week #2

Week #2's themes is to make it PINK! From coral to fuschia, to bubble gum and magenta---it's time to see what you have been sewing that is PINK!

The linky party is below, and you will have until Thursday night at midnight to get your looks in and then the voting will begin bright and early Friday morning.  And be sure to come back tomorrow to see the designer's looks!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion Icon Challenge Results (and Sew Along voting is now open)

This first week of Project Sewn was unbelievable!!!
We knew these women were fabulous...but we had no idea just how fabulous.
Each design was amazing!!!!  All so different...all so full of personality!!!
(We CAN NOT wait for next week!)
But today is results let's get down to business.
After combining the popular vote with the contestants scores (remember these ladies get to score each others looks!) the winner of the fashion icon challenge is:

Congratulations Oona!  Your look was so much fun.

And because it is results day we also have to say goodbye to one of talented designers as well.
This week after we tallied the votes and the scores we have to say goodbye to the lovely Lladybird. are AMAZING...the fit of those pants is UNREAL.  Your icon was pure fabulousness and the look you created was totally fantastic.
(Lauren won't be leaving us this week empty handed.  She will be getting a gift card to one of our favorite on line stores...Michael Levine's!)

Now even though we've given you the results we aren't finished yet!
Now, it's time for you to go and vote for your favorite sew along outfit this week!
So go and do that HERE:  Fashion Icon Challenge

And we'll see you all back here on Monday!