Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet the Designers: Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy

 photo ErinLaurel10314.jpg

Aloha! My name is Erin and I blog at Miss Crayola Creepy. I'm a twenty something year old lady with a passion for sewing, knitting, and reading. I started sewing in 2010 and haven't looked back! I love that I have the ability to make comfortable, stylish, one of a kind garments, which fit my body perfectly. Well, they don't always turn out perfectly, but I'm working on it ;) My goal is to make garments that will actually get worn and not sit in the back of my closet.

When I'm not at my machine I enjoy reading books, eating healthy foods or really fattening desserts, obsessing over Old Hollywood stars, learning about the 1920s and 1960s, knitting, and walking my dog on the beach in San Luis Obispo County, California. Even when I'm not sewing I can't help but daydream about my next project and I try and fit in a little fabric shopping when I can.

It is so nice to have an amazing network of people on the World Wide Web that can relate to my sewing addiction. Nice to meet you guys! :) Happy Tuesday!
Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet the Designers: Liz from Cottons and Curls

I'm Liz Bryson, the creator of cottonandcurls.com. I'm very excited about joining Project Sewn this year! I started sewing in high school, where I would steal oversized tee shirts from my brother's room and alter them to fit me. Then I inevitably made my Senior year prom dress, where, of course, I didn't install a zipper and I had to sew myself into it and rip myself out of it, literally. But I made it and I designed it! I didn't know then that I was actually in love with sewing. It only took me till I bought my first sewing machine (after selling my car), that I realized I was hooked! More like obsessed. I sewed day and night. After a year of this, I needed to document my sewing endeavors and help other people discover their passion for sewing too. Let them discover that they could become their own designers.

Within the first few years of blogging, I became very busy with having/raising a few boys, living a semester in Shanghai China, and making the exciting decision to move to San Francisco to pursue a master's degree in fashion design at academy of art university. And despite all the craziness, I try to keep up with my blog and sewing. Sneaking away to sew a few minutes here and there. I'm excited to have be included with this challenge and to sew with so many talented ladies. Looking forward to the first challenge!
Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet the Designers: Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home

Christie {a lemon squeezy home}
Hi there!  I’m Christie and I blog over at A Lemon Squeezy Home.  I am excited to be a part of Project Sewn this season!  I started to blog my sewing and crafting adventures a little over 4 years ago.  Until then I had sewn a little here and there but once I learned how gratifying it was to sew for my children, I was hooked.  Connecting with other people who share the same passions has been so fun these past few years.  The sewing community is my favorite—such kind, lovely people around every bend.

Blogging has slowed down significantly in the last year due to life changes and raising 4 wonderful children, but I still have a passion for sewing and will continue to create long after my blogging days are over.  Why choose to throw myself into the whirlwind of Project Sewn?  Because it’s motivating and enabling me to create things I’ve always wanted to sew, but never make time for.  And because I don’t like to have many ‘should haves’ in life.  It’s like my last hurrah in the blogging world.  :) 

You can read more about me and my family HERE.  I can’t wait to be inspired by the other wonderful ladies who are participating.  I’m just happy to be here to join in on the fun!
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meet the Designers: Mary from Idle Fancy

Hello there! I'm Mary, from Idle Fancy, and I'm thrilled to be joining Project Sewn this season. A writer and Ph.D. candidate from Austin, I've recently moved to a small Texas college town with my husband and our hundred-pound German Shepherd puppy. While this has been a shock to my city girl senses, our 1950's bungalow came complete with my own sewing room! When I'm not working on my next book, you can find me back there sewing up pretty, irrepressibly feminine creations.

My first sewing project, back in the summer of 2010, was an absolute disaster of a dress, with four colors of thread, zero seam finishes, and an uneven hem. Yet, I was hooked! In the last few years, I've developed a style of sewing that works for me: classic silhouettes, paired with sumptuous fabric and a good fit. My closet is now filled with hand-sewn dresses, of every print and color imaginable. I love the freedom that sewing gives us, from both trends and odd ready-to-wear sizing. Not only can I make the floral dress of my dreams, but it will fit me perfectly and be made in Liberty lawn! Is there anything better?

Thank you so much to Elizabeth and Liz for inviting me aboard! It's going to be such fun seeing what the other talented designers and readers create this season.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet the Designer: Trine from Groovy Baby and Mama


I'm Trine and I'm addicted to sewing and tv series and I blog at Groovy Baby and Mama.

This 30verymuchsomething girl lives with her husband and four kids in Denmark. Yes, Denmark.

Famous Danes you ask. Well, do you know the tv series 'Game of Thrones'? The charming one handed Jaime Lannister with an appetite for his own sister - he's portrayed by the Danish actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau....and how about 'Hannibal'? Yup, the handsome actor playing the psychiatrist with an appetite for everybody is also Danish - Mads Mikkelsen. And how about the famous storyteller H. C. Andersen?! Did you know that the movie 'Frozen' was inspired by one of his fairytales? He was brillant but kind of eccentric from what I've learned. Don't know anything about his food preferences though. And then there's plain and ordinary me. 'Cause it's perfectly normal to dream sewing related stuff every night, right?! And I probably would eat fabric if I could. Okay, we're all a little weird here in Denmark.

Back to the sewing business. I've been sewing for about 7 years and I love it. I sew almost every day. My sewing space is a little corner in our livingroom - not pretty but practical. I can sew while my children play around me. My favorite things to sew and wear are dresses. In fact I never wear pants. As in never ever. I don't even think I own a real pair of pants, only leggings or leggings-style-pants with elastic waistband. So it's safe to say that you won't see any pants from my hand during this challenge. But, I promise you there will be dresses! Wearable dresses. I'm all about sewing comfortable clothes that I know I'll be wearing again and again. No fancy gowns for me - I'm just not that kind og girl.

I'm so glad, proud (and a little intimidated) to be a part of this great series and can't wait to see what beautiful outfits the other contestants and you sew-alongers will be presenting.


Project Sewn Season 4 Schedule

Here's a quick overview of the upcoming schedule!
April 23: The start of our Meet the Designer Days
May 5:  The Official start date of Project Sewn Season 4
(Told you it was a quick overview!)
*Scroll down to find the list of weekly themes and the designers for this season.*
Hope to have you all sewing along with us this season!
Friday, April 18, 2014

Quote of the Week: Ralph Lauren on Personal Style

I'm kind of in love with this quote right now.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love It or Leave It: Neon

So the object of today's Love It or Leave It session is:
Neon made it's comeback several seasons ago and has become a staple in many closets (from children to teens to women).  But are you still loving it?  Is it still as fun as it once was?  Are you planning on another delightfully neon summer or are you seeking more subdued tones?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Sewn Season 4: The Weekly Themes!

Today is the day we get to announce the themes for next season!!!
You've already seen the lineup of fabulous ladies for this season now see what their weekly challenges are!

Week #1 (May 5th): The Leading Ladies Challenge---make a look inspired by a leading lady from the movies.  (This doesn't mean it has to be an exact replica, although it can be, but it only needs to be "inspired" by your feature film leading lady!)

Week #2 (May 12th): Floral Frenzy Challenge--florals are all the rage this spring, so make an outfit that is inspired by this Spring trend.

Week #3 (May 19th): Going Global Challenge---make an outfit inspired by a country.  (Again, there is no need to make a native costume...it can be a look inspired by the look, feel, culture, food, architecture, etc. from the country of your choice.)

Week #4 (May 26th): Signature Style Week---make an outfit that is all your personal signature style.  (Showcase your style, your strengths, and your personal sewing preferences.)

So there you have it...the weekly challenges.
And we do hope that you will be sewing along with us. 
As usual there will be weekly link parties to share your work in as week as weekly sew along winners and prizes.
We're ready to get this season started and hope that you will all come along for the ride!
Friday, April 11, 2014

Choose and Icon: 80's Teen Idol Addition

Today's choose edition of "Choose and Idol" is a 1980's teen idol version with two of my favorites from back in the day:
Debbie Gibson
So let's get to it!
Which teen idol had the best style?
Tiffany with her long, red feather locks and signature pegged jeans and denim jackets.
Debbie with her black hats, shoulder pads, blazers....and of course, her electric youth.
Roughly the same age...totally the same genre.
Which one is your 80's teen (style) idol?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love It or Leave It: Color Blocking

Everybody's doing it.
From runway designers to stay at home moms...but should they be?
What do you think?
Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Sewn Season 4: The Designers!

We are so excited to announce our designers for Season 4 of Project Sewn.
Every season we geek out over the awesomeness of our contestants and this season is no different!  So...while we could gush over how great this group is (and we could totally gush) we are going to try to contain ourselves and just get right to it.
The designers for Season 4 of Project Sewn are:
Liz from Cotton & Curls
Mary from An Idle Fancy
Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home
See what I'm talking about???
It's like I'm dying to see what these ladies are going to sew up for us....
(But I have to wait until May 5th when the season officially starts.)
Friday, April 4, 2014

What's Coming Up..April's Schedule!

April is going to be exciting people.
Next month (Monday, May 5th) we begin season 4 of Project Sewn.
Which means that this month will be full of announcements!
April 7th:  We will announce the next round of designers (and they are AWESOME!)
April 14th:  We will announce the weekly themes for next season so that the sewing can begin!
April 21:  We will unofficially start season 4 with the schedule of events and daily meet the designer posts!
And of course in between all the announcements we will still have quotes of the week, Love it or Leave it posts, and our battles of the icons...it's going to be fun!!!!  
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love It Or Leave It: Gladiator Sandals

I was just out shopping for a pair of sandals and everywhere I went there were Gladiator sandals.
They've been hanging around now for several seasons and everyone seems to love them.  BUT, what do you think?  Are you still loving them or are you ready for them to leave?