Friday, November 14, 2014

A Change of Plans

Almost 4 years ago we were contestants on a blog called Project Run and Play where we competed with a group of wonderful women who were all sewing children's clothing.  There were really no rules to speak of, no sew-alongs, no linky parties, and no prizes.  It was a crazy experience...and we LOVED every minute of it.

From those weeks we gained not only experience (which was terrific) but we made some great blogging friends and caught a glimpse of a sewing community that was out there waiting to share with and inspire one another.

And we were hooked.

Several months later we had the opportunity to purchase that blog....which we did...and we have never looked back.

Sure competition tends to bring out the worst in people but it also brings out the best and it's that best we love...watching the creative process of others and seeing their creations...we can't help but be inspired and we feel so fortunate to be able to have a place to share so many talented women's awesomeness.  

We were literally having so much fun continuing to run our blog (Simple Simon and Company) and Project Run and Play that we decided to add one more party to the mix and Project Sewn was born.

It didn't disappoint.  Season One was AMAZING and we were hooked.

Ever since then our minds have been running over with new ideas---themes, contestants, challenges, etc...

Season 5 should begin in January...we had BIG plans...we couldn't wait...but then, our plans have changed.

Sometimes, life gives you choices...and they aren't always choices between good and bad.   Sometimes you have to choose between two good things (and then hope that you have made the best choice).

Elizabeth and I are only two.  And after some serious talk and even some tears we've made a plan and part of that plan includes saying goodbye to Project Sewn for a season.  How long that will be?  Six months?  A year?  Forever?  We don't quite know yet.

What we do know is this.  We've loved watching the weekly creations.  We've loved watching the linky party entries roll in.  We've loved sharing this place with all of you...and we will miss it.

Now before we say goodbye we have one last parting gift to give away.
It goes to Sue from "A Colorful Canvas".
(Thank you for linking up to our last linky party!)

So I guess it's time.

Thank you again for sharing yourselves with us.  The inspiration and the positive sense of such a wonderful sewing community is truly something we will always cherish. It was so very much appreciated.

Until our paths cross again, take care of yourselves.

liZ and Elizabeth