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Top 12 Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners Reviews 2020

Customizing a traditional clothing garment and also add value to your clothing items if you want to sell them. If you want to embroidery by hand can be very time-consuming. It is why nowadays more and more people are tend to embroidery machines. There are too many styles and brands for you to choose but this can make you confused.

Here is my list of 12 of the best embroidery machine for beginners available. I have listed their key features, as well as their pros and cons help you make a decision between the differences options available.

Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners Reviews 2020

To have 12 best embroidery machines for beginners review, I have analyzed the most important features, specifications, pros and cons of each product. Moreover, you can easily choose the best embroidery machine if you know exactly what you need. So below is everything you should know about.

1. Brother SE600 Computerized Combination

Brother SE600 Computerized Combination

The newest model of particular computerized sewing and embroidery machine is SE600. Moreover, Color touchscreen is upgraded almost four inches across, also you get a four by four embroidery field. This field includes a foot, hoop, and an embroidery arm. There are also several advanced features that come with this machine.

You can easily keep up with the latest types of shirts, blouse, skirts and even more. You just follow these instructions every single time you stitch something out then It’s come out perfect.

From putting the bobbin into the tray to pulling the thread right is super simple. After finishing embroidery, you go ahead and pick up the presser foot, release the thread, cut the string, get the excess out, cut the excess thread. Finally, the results are beautiful, clean, nice. Brother SE600 actually get money’s worth.

Key Features

  • 103 built-in stitches
  • 80 Built-in Embroidery Designs
  • 6 Embroidery lettering fonts
  • 4 x 4 large embroidery work area
  • Sewing Cum Embroidery Machine.
  • Colored 3.7 inches LCD touchscreen
  • Quick setup, Jam resistant top drop-in bobbin
  • Brightly lit Work area
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Free Arm for Sleeves, cuffs, and collar


ModelSE 600
Weight26.2 Pounds


  • Dual Purpose is sewing as well as Embroidery
  • USB port to import designs
  • 7 inch Colored LCD touchscreen to edit and preview designs.
  • Portable and easy to store


  • Costly for some people

2. Brother PE770

Brother PE770

If you love sewing work, but you don’t like a combined with a sewing machine, you can choose Brother PE770. It’s probably suitable for small embroidery work that you want to do at home.

Brother PE770 has an expansion up to 5 inch x 7 inch field, you can embroider with ample space for larger designs and lettering projects. And Brother PE770 provides Access 10 frame shapes, 6 lettering fonts, and 12 border styles that can help you design elegant quilt patterns; MAX Embroidery Area 130(X) x 180(Y) millimeter; MAX Embroidery Speed 650 spm.

Moreover, you can import designs from your USB memory stick thanks to a built in USB port. If you make mistakes, you can fix it with flexible design editing features, including mirror image, rotate, and size edits.

With Brother PE700 offers a lot more features than some ordinary machines. It has seamless designs that help you do embroidery work with ease so that you can take your creative mind to the next level.

Key Features

  • USB connectivity
  • 136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 built-in lettering fonts
  • Embroidery area of 5″ x 7″
  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter


Weight16.31 Pounds


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Variable speed control options
  • Warranty 25 – year limited


  • The LCD screen is touchscreen but only has black and white fonts
  • The trouble with the bobbin
  • Limited for creating extra-large designs

3. Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway

Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway

You can use the stitches flexibly with 67 sewing stitches, comprehensive sewing functions, plus 4-inch-by-4-inch embroidery design and editing. And you can access all your stitches and designs thank to screen LCD display.

Moreover, Brother LB6800PRW has 70 built-in designs, 120 frame combinations, and 5 lettering fonts, you can create embroidery design options. It was designed with 4-inch-by-4-inch embroidery hoop, 7 specialty sewing feet, USB cable, designer rolling bag, embroidery bobbin thread, softcover, and more. Just one-touch automatic thread cutter cuts your top and bobbin thread with ease. Maximum Sewing Speed is 710 stitches per minute.

Key Features

  • The working area is spacious with a size of 4″ by 4″
  • Stitching 710 stitches per minute
  • The threading process easy
  • Be designed with 70 built-in patterns and 98 functions
  • Your creativity comes alive as you make use of the 120 frame patterns combinations. It comes with simple lettering design feature and five fonts
  • Having an easy-to-use LCD display screen that you can take advantage of to edit and read all the tutorials


Width15.6 in
Depth6.9 in
Height10.9 in
Weight13.67 lbs
Color Categorywhite


  •  A great working area
  • Very easy to operate
  • Versatile
  • Very fast operation
  • Lightweight


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Unusable without computer

4. Singer Futura XL-400 Portable

Singer Futura XL-400 Portable

Singer Futura XL – 400 has 30 popular built-in sewing stitches with two fully automatic one-step buttonholes and also boasts 125 built-in embroidery designs with five fonts and outline lettering.

You can sew with led options, The Light makes it easier to view your work and eliminate eye strain. Moreover, Singer Futura XL – 400 provides 25 years lifetime warranty.

Some reviews of the SINGER Futura XL-400 are positive ones but it’s only suitable for small or average work.

Key Features

  • It offers 10×6’ embroidery area
  • 125 inbuilt embroidery designs
  • 30 sewing stitches
  • 2 fully automatic one-step buttonholes
  • 5 lettering fonts
  • 7 specialty sewing feet
  • Inbuilt tutorials to simplify learning
  • Very light weight (23 lbs)
  • Automatic needle threader
  • USB connectivity


Width22.3 in
Depth9.4 in
Height 12.5 in
Weight23.81 lbs
Product LineSinger Futura
Color categoryblue, white


  • Lightweight only 23 lbs, it’s easy to transport and a great portable machine
  • Affordable Price, it is a great value for money machine
  • Design options, it comes with a tonne of great embroidery designs and lettering, as well as plenty of sewing stitches
  • Easy set up, it is easy to set up every time


  • Confusing instructions, you should study the instructions prior to starting work

5. Singer Futura XL – 580

Singer Futura XL - 580

Singer Futura XL – 580 combines sewing and embroidery. Moreover, It is a modern computerized machine, packed with exceptional features, made to be suitable for beginners and experienced sewers both.

Singer Futura XL – 580 has 215 popular built-in sewing stitches with two fully automatic one-step buttonholes and also has 125 built-in embroidery designs with five fonts and outline lettering. It has led options that fills the sewing surface with light. So you can easy to view your work and eliminating eye strain.

It can customize your embroidery on your computer screen and combine multiple designs into one design file and add lettering to personalize your embroidery.

Finally, Singer Futura XL – 580 delivers what it promises and is a value-for-money purchase. It’s not only suitable for the beginners but also for those who are experienced in this art as well as looking to bring their designs to life with precision and best results.

Key features

  • 50 Endless Designs and Hoop
  • Over 250 embroidery designs
  • USB Key to aid in designing
  • Multi-Hooping Capabilities
  • Add your own designs with ease
  • Over 20 fonts for monogramming


Product Weight23 lbs
Dimensions21.5 x 9.5 x 13 inches (height x width x depth)
Maximum embroidery speed (Stitches Per Minute)600
ModelXL – 580


  • Great design
  • Great performance
  • Lots of features
  • Large number of built-in designs
  • Ease of use


  • sues with the tension system
  • Its design software may not be much easy to use

6. Brother PE525

Brother PE525

Brother PE525 is so nice with a modern design with flower patterns. Moreover, It’s an affordable machine and attracts probably new beginners or at least embroidery beginners.

Brother PE525 is easy to use and be portable with lightweight. Embroidery area has 4 x 4 inch, touch screen LCD display accesses 70 built-in embroidery designs, with 5 lettering fonts. And you can connect a computer for importing thousands of embroidery designs purchased from and other sites, and for updating your machine in the future.

Those features make it easier to get into the embroidery with minimum distractions, but more on that later.

Key Features

  • Smart needle threading system
  • Quick set drop in bobbin
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • LCD touch screen
  • Built-in designs
  • Pattern rotation


Embroidery area4 x 4 inches
Design rotationOption


  • Easy and quick stitching
  • Up to date software
  • Computer connectivity
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Perfect embroidery area


  • Prone to hardware damages
  • Heavy
  • Relatively complex operation

7. EverSewn Hero 400-Stitch

EverSewn Hero 400-Stitch

The truth is there are fewer options to choose from sewing and embroidery combo machines. But EverSewn Hero can combine sewing and embroidery well. Hero 400 – Stitch comes with 400+ stitches including block style and script style alphabet patterns.

Therefore, you don’t need to search among 400 odd stitches.

The automatic needle threader prevents you from eye strain. If you are running out of bobbin thread or if upper thread is broken, the machine will warn you about this problem.

With big LCD screen on EverSewn Hero, you can view all the settings clearly. And the USB port to import designs is provided on the embroidery unit. You can combine patterns and store it in the machine memory for later use.

Key Features

  • LCD Interface with three different settings in your interface – normal, memory, and embroidery
  • Bobbin Monitoring lets you know when thread is running low.
  • Easy Pattern, you can import locate the design you want in an appropriate format, and upload through the USB connection


Weight26.8 Ibs
Warranty10 years


  • Comes with 400 built-in pattern designs to choose from
  • Has a USB port that you can use to upload your own designs
  • Compact and lightweight, won’t take up all of your work desk
  • Bobbin thread monitoring for accurate results
  • Beginner-friendly


  • No customer support, just online videos explaining how to use it
  • Only a 10-year warranty
  • Not suitable for heavier materials

8. NEX Sewing Machine Free-Arm

NEX Sewing Machine Free-Arm

NEX Sewing Machine come with an adorable, friendly look. It’s quite lightweight and the machine’s visual design is white and pink, so cute.

This machine is portable, just six pounds with small dimensions of 10.6″ x 4.7″ x 9.”. This machine is friendly even for kid for DIY sewing, this small, sleek machine can do it all with hems, button-holing and other advanced sewing made simple with the FHSM-505.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose sewing machine with 12 built-in stitch patterns
  • Beginner-friendly


Weight5 pounds
FeaturePortable. Free arm
Suitable forDenim


  • Sewing light
  • Good for children as well as on-the-go jobs


  • Not durable

9. Janome Memory Craft 400E

Janome Memory Craft 400E

Janome Memory Craft 400E is designed 160 built-in, 6 fonts for monogramming, 2 and 3 letter monogramming, maximum embroidery size: 7.9″ x 7.9″. So that you can creative everything you want.

You will satisfy with its embroidery speed, which is up 860 stitches/minute. It can jump thread trimming, flexible stitch traveling by units of 1, 10 & 100, adjust speed while embroidering, direct jump to a specific stitch point, adjust hoop positioning and auto-return post thread break. Thanks to these features, you can get more precision results in less time.

Key Features

  • Large embroidery size and extra wide table
  • Increased embroidery speed
  • Timesaving features
  • Tutorial DVD and Embroidery Edit software
  • LCD Touchscreen
  • USB Memory Key
  • An easy to use 5-inch color screen
  • Increased stability


Weight39.4 pounds
Embroider Field7.9″ x 7.9″
Fonts for monogramming6


  • 3,500 built-in designs
  • Digitizing and editing all kinds of new
  • Embroidery designs.
  • Create custom designs for sewing projects, and ready-to-wear items as well
  • Display screen messages in 11 languages


  • The thread has a small tendency of getting ahead of itself while being fed into the machine

10. EverSewn Charlotte

EverSewn Charlotte

After you unbox, you should study introductions first before work anything. When you start, you don’t take too much time to start because there’s an automatic needle threader.

With EverSewn Charlotte you’ll always have the right stitch for your project. Because this machine has 70 total stitches available, be breeze to adjust all of your stitch settings to meet your project’s needs.

Key Features

  • 70 stitch options and a one-step buttonhole function.
  • The stitch you choose is displayed on the panel.


Weight16.5 pounds
Machine typeComputer
Hook systemDrop – in
Free arm length153 mm
Maximum sewing speed (Stitches Per Minute)850 spm


  • Stitches galore, with a stitch library and LED selection
  • Quick and easy speed control
  • Strong, metal frame
  • Celebrity bloggers and sewers highly recommend this unit


  • Tension setting is difficult
  • Button thread is loopy

11. Michley LSS – 202 lIL’ SEW

Michley LSS - 202 lIL’ SEW

The price Michley LSS – 2002 LI’ SEW is cheap and be suitable for pre-teen, teen, and adult sewers. It’s not good enough for complicated job. With the small project that doesn’t require any finish works, the machine fis able to pull off a tight stitch that looks surprisingly good.

Moreover, this machine is completely portable with the size of a clothes iron and weighing just 1.76 lbs, you can take it anywhere you want.

According to multiple users, this machine is be loved more many machine others as it is capable of very tight and strong stitching even though it is limited to a single simple stitch. While the lack of a reverse button might be not as easy as many other sewers, you can always turn the fabric around to lock your stitches in or just use the good ol’ knot-tie on both ends of the stitch.

Key Features

  • Operation: mechanical
  • Features: portable
  • Class: mini
  • Type: sewing
  • Suitable for: leather, vinyl, denim


ModelLSS – 202
Weight1.9 pounds
Product Dimension7.7 x 4.5 x 8.3 inches


  • Compact and ultra lightweight
  • Easy to use and wind the bobbin
  • Decent quality mini sewing machine for the price
  • Produces tight and strong stitches
  • Cheap
  • Foot pedal and AC adapter included
  • Great for small projects and simple repairs


  • No reverse mode
  • Thread tension is not numbered so most beginners will have a hard time with controlling the tension
  • Foot pedal cannot control speeds
  • No light
  • No cover/ carrying case

12. Singer Pixie – Plus Craft

Singer Pixie - Plus Craft

Singer Pixie is a mini sewing machine, If you need to do some complicated work, this machine can not meet your needs. But it will be perfect for some quick, basic works like crafting or mending.

In US, Singer Pixie is not only the best mini sewing machine available and is also expensive sewing machine. Moreover, This machine has eight built-in stitches which are the most for any mini sewing machine.

Key Features

  • 8 on board utility stitches
  • Top drop in bobbin
  • 2 speed slider
  • Operate with or without foot pedal


Weight3.31 Ibs
Width11 in
Depth4.7 in
Height10.2 in


  • It can be powered by batteries and AC power
  • It is recommended for kids and very user-friendly
  • With top drop-in bobbin two-speed sewing
  • Affordable
  • Instructional manual included


  • Taking time for you to get used to it

Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners Buying Guide and FAQ

Now that you know more about the best embroidery machine out there so I can go into more detail with buying guide section. First, you can browse through some of the features to look for embroidery machine, before looking for the closer details about why you should choose that machine. I will show you the main different among many embroidery machine. And then I have the frequently asked question (FAQ) section for further into that you may still wondering about.

Features to Look for in a Embroidery Machine

Before making a decision to buy embroidery machine, you need to know what feature are you looking for. I will help you find a embroidery machine suitable for you and here are some top of factors to consider.

Embroidery Design Size

The first thing you ask when purchasing a new embroidery machine. When you see store sample, you should ask what size of embroidery machine hoop was used to embroider the design. It is an important thing, because when you look at the physical inner size of the embroidery machine.The distance between the needle and the body of the machine is the largest embroidery width. The longer the embroidery machine and wider the embroidery designs.

Hoops Come With the Embroidery Machine

You should not assume all hoops are included with the embroidery machine. Let get a list of included embroidery hoops and accessories that are included with the embroidery machine purchase. Because I can often have numerous hoop sizes out and about for projects I are working on at any given time.

The Prices of Additional Hoops

After That, you maybe need some additional hoops for your work, you should ask the prices of additional hoops so that you can be sure it is not too expensive.

Color of Touch Screen

You definitely make sure for color of touch screen. Therefore, a color touch screen offers more options such as touch, drag designs around the screen and select different functions, each brand of machine has difference set up.

Ability Combine Many Embroidery Design on Screen

Not all models can combine more than one embroidery design on screen. You will need a machine that can combine designs. If you want to combine an embroidery design with a personal label on the screen to stitch out all in one pass.

Transferring Embroidery Designs to the Embroidery Machine

The most common way for you to transfer embroidery designs to the embroidery machine is a USB stick. With a USB stick you can easily move embroidery files from a CD or downloaded files to a computer to machine. Moreover, with newer embroidery machines, you can connect WiFi for transferring designs or use a cable to connect machines together for this transfer. Be sure the option you choose will work with the technology suitable for you.

Why You Should Own Embroidery Machine?

Create Personal and Unique Gifts

You are a person always love giving unique gift for others. If you own an embroidery machine, you can easily make personal gifts.

Creative Everything by Yourself

If you own embroidery machine, you can create, fix and decorate about any type of fabric every time of the day from denim jackets, knitted and felted bags, stretch knits, sheer overlays, leather to velvet, almost all types of fabric.

Unique Designs by Yourself

You can create your own themed fabric with the perfect colors and designs and create unique items like zippered bags and cell phone holders by yourself.

Difference Between a Embroidery Machine and Sewing Machine

If you are wondering what the difference between a embroidery machine and sewing machine. There are some main difference that are worth nothing.

Sewing Machine

Sewing machine was designed directly for tailoring products of varying complexity and depend on the model which has different sets of seams, from simple to decorative.

Embroidery Machine

The embroidery machine is just used for artistic embroidery and is not designed for other sewing jobs. With a similar model can embroider letters of the alphabet, a complex ornament.

The main techniques of embroidery: smooth, cross, Richelieu, paillettes. Moreover, embroidery machines are supplied with various presets, can be connected to a PC for downloading embroidery schemes.

Best Embroidery Machine Buying Guide FAQ

What file type does this machine use?

If what you mean by file I assume your referring to the embroidery file, I have a Janome 300E and a 500E and they both use the jef file.

Brother PE770.

Can the size of the letters be made larger?

The approximate letter sizes of upper case are as follows:

  • L (Large):30mm (1.2 ̋)
  • M (Medium):20 mm (0.8 ̋)

Absolutely! You can increase or decrease the sizes for each font by size (S, M, L) + or – 20% for a full range of lettering sizes.

Are other size hoops available for this machine?

The available hoops for this machine are: RE10b, RE20b Embroidery Hoop, and a SQ14b Embroidery Hoop.

Do you need additional software and/or digitizing software to use this machine?

You can download ready made designs with no additional software. If you want to create your own designs, you will need digitizing software.

There are many different digitizing software packages available. The simplest ones are fairly reasonably priced and almost all of them allow you to save your designs in the format.

The Final Word

Returning my number of choice on the list of the best embroidery machine for beginners. If you are a beginner, you invest buying a beginner embroidery machine can be an expensive.

So you should understand your needs, your financial and take your time and do your research. This will ensure that you find a machine that will do everything you need it to do without breaking your budget.

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