“Fabrics doesn’t make exquisite dresses, it is the stitches.”

Welcome to Project Sewn!

My name is Sara (obviously), and I’m the one responsible for this little creative mess I call my online home. Thank you for visiting my website!

Here I’m spending time creating, educating, and discovering new interesting stuff in the world of sewing. And what a world to explore!

I’ve always been fascinated by the finesse of the finely stitched fabric, and the way master sewers create the products that look and feel sensational to the touch. Since an early age, I wanted to create my own clothes, and design interesting stuff or make new and improved versions of the already-existing items.

To be precise (precision is the true identity of fine sewers), it runs in the family. My Mom was a sewing assistant in a big company where products were manufactured for the large scale retail business.

I’ve seen so many interesting and fascinating items (all of which my Mom made) and found a strange satisfaction in sewing the fabric with special & unique threads, all hitting the perfect pattern of stitches. There’s a phenomenon behind oddly satisfying things, and I’ve found mine in this.

I’ve had the luck to get involved in that business from the get-go and collaborate on some fantastic designs and very interesting projects. The sight of a fully-automated professional-grade sewing machine which goes through meters of fabric without a single error, producing thousands of stitches in an instant – true mesmerizing experience!

Long story short, I’ve stayed with the company for the following 15 years, replacing my Mom as a chief sewist and working on the numerous projects, involving myself with thousands of fabrics, millions of stitches, and countless beautiful products. Life is so amazing when you do what you love for a living – and I’ve been blessed to experience this lifestyle for quite a while.

During that time, my experience with sewing grown to significantly, and I bought some sewing machines myself. Working with professional-grade units isn’t the same as working with standard machines.

After I’ve reached the point of my career where I can relax and enjoy the (quite early) retirement, I’ve discovered a new passion – repairing damaged things and enhancing them with sewing and embroidery!

This new habit of mine came as a resourceful thing when my younger daughter hit that time of her life where she needed the perfect dress – the prom. And I’ve had the opportunity to work on a small surprise for her – upgrading & enhancing my old dress from the 70s so she can wear it on her prom.

Youngsters these days follow different styles in fashion, and my niece used my services before (it was a skirt I modernized and improved for her so she could wear it on a big and important event).

So, you can imagine my excitement!

One of my dreams was to have a daughter to whom I can pass the knowledge to, and gift her my Janome Lock which I got in the 80s. The problem is that my daughter doesn’t like sewing at all, and I’ve never been particularly interesting to her.

Dreams sometimes don’t come true.

Still, that didn’t let me down, and I continued to enjoy my passion over the years. Strangely enough, after the success of my niece’s skirt, she came to repay the favor to me by introducing me in this modern world of websites & blogging.

I was shocked by the vast amount of information and inspiration out there, and I’ve realized that I can share my knowledge with everyone, not just my daughter! That’s how this small site was born – although it was very difficult to reach this state and cover everything in detail. I’ve imagined it as a project where anybody interested in sewing can come and learn something about the craft, the tools, and get educated on products.

Eventually, it grew to the proportion where several people reached out to me to join the team and work on this project half-time! Through interaction on this site, I’ve met my lovely Emilia, my head assistant, and co-writer, and our technician specialist & Advanced beginner sewist, Jenna.


I’ve always been fascinated with the craft of sewing and spent years enjoying the process of mastering the craft. Even though I’ve never reached perfection (there’s always room for improvement),

I’m very proud of what I’ve learned and created so far. After I’ve enjoyed many quality articles on this lovely site, I’ve decided to reach out to Sara, and to my biggest surprise, she responded and asked me to collaborate on it!

Since then, we’re having a blast sharing our love & experience of this amazing craft!


Sara is a long-term acquaintance of mine, and after I utilized her skills to correct my favorite dress, we stayed in touch. When she asked me to help her with WordPress & design for a website she’s working on, I was very surprised and very proud of her. After some time spent working on Project Sewn, I developed a genuine interest in the craft of sewing. Sara’s enthusiasm and energy simply stimulate the people around her. Now I can proudly say that I’m an important part of this project, and that even though I’m a beginner, I’m advancing in sewing every day.

So, What Can You Find on This Project of Ours?

Read on.

As our front page says, here you can find the latest sewing machine and embroidery machine tips, advice & product recommendations. Let’s break that down.

Sewing & embroidery machines pop out almost daily, and there’s a lot to know and inspect about them before making a buying decision. That’s why we decided to cover these two categories in a simultaneous fashion.

We have singular machine reviews & recommendations, followed by general buying guides which compare multiple machines out there, to find the best machine for the required use.

Let’s Start with the Most Important Section – Buying Guides.

For example, if you’re looking for a sewing machine for the purpose of quilting, I’d be more than happy to recommend our guide to you:

Here you can find all of my (and my co-workers) experience & knowledge combined into an in-depth article which will guide you through the selection process, and recommend the best sewing machine for quilting.

On the other hand, you might be on a search for a heavy-duty sewing machine, and because the market is flooded with potential choices, I’ve got you covered too – just head over to my buying guide:

You might be interested in a particular brand – let’s use Janome as an example – and want to know which machine from their product line is the best, and I’ve got you covered there as well 😊

Knowing which machine to select and what to look for can be daunting, and there’s not enough info out there that could lead you to the right buying decision. That’s why every article with buying advice we publish has to have the personal experience and knowledge from all members of our small team (I’m so thrilled to say this).

Getting the right education on these subjects makes the difference between a good buy and a bad one. And you certainly don’t want to end up with a machine that’s not suitable for your type of work & materials, doesn’t fit you well, or is difficult to work with.

You want to be focused on creativity & crafting – and that’s why it’s important that your sewing machine follows your style, suits your needs, and handles the materials you use the best.

Here’s where you’ll find a lot more buying guides.

But We Don’t Stop Here.

On your search for the best machine for your needs, you might come up with a few models that would all match your requirements, but you still couldn’t decide what to get.

Let’s say, for example, you can’t decide between Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8900QCP & SINGER Quantum Stylist 9980.

Here at Project Sewn, we’ve devoted special time to cover many, many machines in detail in their particular singular reviews.

For this particular situation, you now have a detailed breakdown of both machines. Each of these singular reviews focuses on a particular machine in depth, and goes way deeper compared to a standard roundup of products that you can find online. We’ve ensured that we go the extra mile in testing and researching these machines, and providing completely unbiased opinions every time!

With these reviews, you can find out about the small details which can make or break the machine, and influence your buying decision significantly. Using them will make you a highly-educated buyer and someone who deeply understands the needs and features a good sewing machine should have and how good an offer can be.

It’s just like having a friend to test everything for you and give you the results.

Because we’re here to help you out, we consider ourselves your friends. And we would never recommend something bad to friends, of course. As good friends (which we most certainly are 😊), we are not there to help you pick the best gear possible.

Check out our singular reviews and find the best one for yourself!

No, my friend. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at Project Sewn, you’ll find the most comprehensive collection of guides and tips on sewing; from techniques, ways, and how-to guides, to lists & trends – we got you covered!

We pride ourselves from the knowledge we amassed over the years and through collaboration, and we can guarantee that you will become a better sewist, create better end products & designs, and stimulate your creativity to do more!

Here are the examples of our articles you should definitely check out:

How To Use a Sewing Machine

Oriented to beginners, this guide will provide all the basics (in the right order – this is very important) on how to properly set up your new machine, how to start sewing, and what to do when you’re just starting out.

There’s a ton more here, head out to our Blog section and see for yourself!!

Wait, there’s more! 😊

This handy little website has another category for you to get interested in – Accessories!

Sewing is a complicated creative process which involves a lot of stuff, and we know how to make it better, easier, and more efficient. We’ve tried hundreds of products and different accessories for each of them, and we spend a lot of resources weekly since our sewing machines are busy every day.

Here’s what you can expect in this section:

Best Sewing Tables

We all know how important a good desk is for the efficiency of sewing. Personally, I’ve changed many tables myself until I’ve found the most suitable one. And I can tell you – IT CHANGES THE GAME.

Best Sewing Machine Threads

If you’re an experienced sewist, you probably can’t remember how often your thread has snapped. It happens, it’s the part of the process. Still, there’s a whole market for professional sewing machine threads out there, and a high-quality thread can make a huge difference in your process and the outcome!

Best Sewing Scissors

A good sewist can’t live without good scissors. Period.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve tried 26 scissors to make this guide? Yup, that’s the truth. If you need sewing scissors, this is the place.

Click here for a lot more sewing accessories articles – you know you’re going to love them!


My dear, if you’ve followed this page for this long, I must tell you two things:

1. I love you for reading this much, and
2. email me ASAP and let me know how you can either contribute to this project of ours or be a part of the community. I’d love to hear from you – be it your sewing question or a simple “How you’re doing?”

I’m going to finish with wise words from Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

“But to use the knowledge of the threading, you must learn the making of the shades. When to sadden with the iron pot. How to bloom the colors. How to bleed.”